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Stress College Students

Florence Said:

i need a thesis statement for "STRESS AMONG COLLEGE STUDENTS"?

We Answered:

Dude, you suck; thesis statements are easy!

But I'm in a relatively good mood today so here goes;

Think about how college alters the course of a person's life. Think about how, how you are defined, and viewed as a person by society at large, is affected by whether or not you have a college degree. Whatever your thesis is, think along those lines because when it comes down to it, at the deepest level that is probably the greatest source of stress for college students across the world. Then there is also the issue of parental expectation which I never experienced, but I hear its pretty bad.

You can open your paper or disertation, whichever it is, but I take it its a paper otherwise you wouldn't be on Yahoo Answers, with something that will strike a chord with anybody who has ever attended college, talking about how college life is supposed to define you as a person. However you phrase it, if you phrase it along those lines, it will open your paper with a statement making it plain and clear, how stressful college is.

I can't think of one; I haven't read what you've written so, sorry, only you can do that.

hope my advice helps though.

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