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Stress On College Students

Erika Said:

College students only please :) Sleep vs. Stress?

We Answered:

Sleep: Anywhere from 3 to 12 hours. It varies.

If I have to cram or stay up writing a paper, it will be around 3 hours.

If I don't have an assignment or test to work on/prepare, I enjoy anywhere from 8-10; and for the weekends around 12.

Stress levels depend on if I have an exam/assignment due and how prepared I am.

Josephine Said:

search terms for finding article about college students being over stressed ? ten points?

We Answered:……………

anxiety and college students
stress statistics and college students
stress causes and college students
stress management and college students

Carol Said:

How to make a great amateur VIDEO showcasing stress management?

We Answered:

Try reading these

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Hope this helps.

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