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Strong College Students

Andrea Said:

What kinds of foods should college students eat to keep them strong and heatlthy?

We Answered:

Spinach and Meat

Jeff Said:

College students frequently like humanistic theory more than they like evolutionary theory or drive reduction?

We Answered:

Evolution is a theory based in humanism and humanism feeds of evolutionary theory. The two are inseparable.

This looks like a group assignment, go get your group and answer the rest of the question.

Sharon Said:

How can I show a strong interest in working in the space exploration field as a college student?

We Answered:

If you can, join any related groups/clubs to show that you have an active interest in space exploration.

In addition, I would suggest you mention in your cover letter your strong interest in the subject, and then list some recent, relevant news in the industry. It'd be great if you can link that news to something groundbreaking in space exploration, regardless of whether or not it's recent, to show that you not only follow up on recent events, but you also know your history on the topic.

Summarize your experience, knowledge, and credentials into your resume and cover letter in an interesting manner and that should captivate the hiring contact enough to call you in for an interview. From there, show off your professionalism and enthusiasm for aerospace engineering and space exploration by regurgitating the important points of your resume, adding additional details about yourself and how you can benefit the company, and sport a genuine smile while doing so.

Randy Said:

Why is it that high school & college students these days have such a strong opinion against the Iraq war?

We Answered:

I don't know but it drives me crazy. I remember enlisting in high school and not telling anyone at first and hearing people talk about it. There were these silver spoon kids worried about "Is there going to be a draft?" and talking all kinds of crap about the war and when someone asked me what I thought, because I was known for being rather smart but rather quiet, all I said was,
"I enlisted in the Army yesterday."
It was ridiculous because then they were all like, "That's so noble." but I knew that what they really meant, being the same students which I had sat with open jawed and watched as the twin towers fell, and talked about what it makes you want to do to terrorists and so on, was that, "I am to important to risk or give up a few years of my time to go."

Harvey Said:

Should I move to Hong Kong as a college student with a strong desire to become a resident one day?

We Answered:

It's a great place, but don't initially plan to stay forever. Many, many expatriates get tired of HK after two or three years; the constant pace, the pollution and crowds... they take their toll. On the other hand, you may - like me - decide that you're happy for the long haul, and that's great too.

Immigration paperwork isn't so hard; you need to find a job - lots of overseas companies will be looking for foreigners, so that's not wildly difficult. You will get a one-year work visa the first time you apply (it's quick and easy), and then after that you will get two-year visas. After seven years you will be able to apply to become a permanent resident (which is not the same as citizenship; you'll still be a US citizen, but you'll have permanent rights to live and work in HK, which will lapse if you spend more than three years away from HK).

The bottom line is, it's a fantastic city, and many, many expatriates are very happy here. Give it a try!

Lynn Said:

Why the strong dislike for college students?

We Answered:

Labtec600 and THOSE who actually believe that people graduating from college get their parents to PAY their college loans.

I MUST INFORM you anti-scholars that if students take out student loans, it means our parents DON'T HAVE THE MONEY TO PAY TUITION COSTS.

Do you seriously think student loans are interest free?? I borrowed money because my dad was unemployed due to Nafta at the time. Ask him if he's paying my 24K loans for me!

Simple logic, people, you take out a loan when you buy a car WHY??? Are you actually sitting on the cash to pay in full???

I won't vote for McCain, MY GENERATION is over in Iraq and forgotten in Afghanistan. WHY perpetuate the killing?

Discuss It!

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