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Student College Loan

Gloria Said:

How do I go about opening a student loan for college..?

We Answered:

You should take with you college's financial aid department about stafford loans. When you say you are not "eligible" I am assuming you mean for "need based" aid. There is other "financial aid" out there besides need based aid and you should ask them about those options. Those range from scholarships to grants and you would have to take the time to apply. Banks are the typical source for students loans but there are also private loans that you can possibly find on your own. All the best and hope that helps!

Joe Said:

Can I get student loan 1-5 months before college starts?

We Answered:

No you can't get a student loan 1-5 months before college starts. The loan is given to the college first. Then after all your tuition and fees are taken out the excess is given to you approx 4 weeks after the semester has started. Sometimes even longer depending on when you submit your fafsa. As a dependent freshman you can borrow up to 5500 a year in federal Stafford loans.

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