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Student Reviews Of Colleges

Elmer Said:

Is there any website with student reviews/opinions on different colleges?

We Answered:


Here's Ball State.…
Epinions is awesome.

Viola Said:

How do you properly organize a literature review: college students, please reply again?

We Answered:

For my literature reviews I researched a topic and compared the information across sources to what I wrote in my paper. If your conclusions were backed up by the literature or some of the sources had different conclusions, that is what you would put in the review.

Billie Said:

Are there any good websites that offer detailed reviews of colleges in America?

We Answered:

i've found to be very useful. you can search for colleges based on location, extracurricular activities, and by what they are known for academically. they also have a bunch of lists, such as "most wired campus" or "most beautiful campus." also the collegeboard's college search feature is pretty useful.

Rose Said:

Need advice about writing a lit review: college students please reply?

We Answered:

You can use it to cite information that it points out. It would probably be better to find the sources that the review used and glance through them to find the information. But if you do decided to use the review itself as a source, BE SURE TO CITE ANYTHING you use from the article, be it in "quotes", paraphrased (and cited), or "[mostly] quoted".

Good luck!

Joyce Said:

What are some good, informational sites on colleges?

We Answered:

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paraphrasing tool said:

t's very regular for review websites to be almost exclusive adverse. Satisfied students or people in general don't hassle to search for out a website to observation about how amazing their college.

auto paraphrase said:

The college will be more enthusiastic about your paintings than in your writing style:- though obviously you need primary interaction abilities to comprehend the lessons, as well as showing your own ideas.

phd research said:

From what I've observed, many of the students who write the reviews about college have never actually been/visited/studied at the university and are making their presumptions on gossips they've observed.

Pulau Pramuka said:

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Pulau Pramuka said:

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