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Students Grants For College

Clarence Said:

Are there any specific grants that will help pay rent and utilities for college students?

We Answered:

Yes. believe it or not if you go to your counselor and ask him to direct you to the campus loans and activities department, you can apply for many loans that help with books, travel, rent and other needs. you can also check your local welfare offices to see what kind of programs they may have. I don't know if that is helpful, but start calling and asking people who work at community offices or at your school administration! GOOD LUCK!!!!

Karen Said:

How are a couple hundred dollars more in grants to (some) college students going to help?

We Answered:

It won't but college kids are dumb and love Obama so they'll vote for him again because of the illusion of free healthcare.

Patrick Said:

Are there grants for Indiana College students who have been in foster care and then adopted?

We Answered:

check out it's a site that asks you a lot of questions and then compiles a listing of scholarships and grants for students who fit the different answers.

Sam Said:

Grants for college students?

We Answered:

good luck

Ellen Said:

Where to find good loans and grants for college?

We Answered:

Go to and go to the useful links section

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