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Study Habits For College Students

Enrique Said:

I am about to start my first semester of college, any study tips, organizational tips?

We Answered:

I was a straight A student until I got to high school. After that, it was mostly A's and B's with just a couple of C's thrown in (Physics...ouch). Fortunately, high school came easy to me. I barely had to study at all and I made good grades. Once I got to college, some things changed. I still don't stay up all night studying, but I do have to spend more time in order to get that A I want.

Here are my tips:
1) GET ORGANIZED! Have a separate binder for each class and keep all handouts/notes/etc for that class in that binder. Keep everything separated with tabs so you have everything in one spot for easy studying. Don't just stuff papers in your book or backpack and forget about it. Bad idea.
2) DON'T STAY UP ALL NIGHT STUDYING! This seriously doesn't work. You don't get any sleep and you'll still do poorly on your tests.
3) MANAGE YOUR TIME! Set aside an hour or two each night (more or less, depending on your workload) to complete your homework and study a little for each class. Focus more on the ones you're struggling with.
4) BE TIMELY! Don't put off writing that paper until the day before it's do. That's a bad grade waiting to happen. If I have time, I like to write a rough draft for a research paper the day I get the assignment. Then I re-read it each day after and edit it, adding or deleting things to make it perfect. That way, when other students are scrambling to finish theirs the night before, you can rest easy because yours has been done for a week.
5) DON'T GET DISTRACTED! Skip out on that party or going out with friends if you know you need to study. Having fun is part of the college experience, but don't let it interfere with your grades.

You seem to have a good head on your shoulders, so don't stress so much. Do what you know works for you and don't slack off. You got this. :) Good luck!

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