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Study Skills For College Students

Vernon Said:

College or post college students-help please?

We Answered:

I'm not going to lie or sugarcoat it, you are going to have to work really hard. Make sure to use a day planner to keep track of all assignments and test dates...the last thing you want to do is forget about something until you walk into class they day it is due. Flashcards are the key to success. I know it is a royal pain, but for every test, put your vocab words on flashcards. Stay organized! Keep your classes separate--different notebooks, or binders, w/e. Make an outline of your notes, and if you are not provided with a study guide, make one of your own using your own notes and the textbook. Try your best to fight off procrastination, b/c it will kick your *** in the end. Pay attention in class (yes, I know that part totally sucks). Have fun though too...because all work and no play is not only awfully boring, but it is going to burn you out. Good luck!

Roberto Said:

What skills do educators need to consult, collaborate & work in professional teams for serving students needs?

We Answered:

1. As a future teacher, It is very important for you to answer this question from within yourself, but I will give you a few Ideas:
1. The ability to work well with others
2. flexibility ( expand on this)
3. Research skills ( come up with some specific skills like knowing how to access information from the internet or library)
4. Knowledge of IDEA 2004 ( e.g. I took such and such class in special education law)
5. I took such and such class in instructional stratagies for special needs students
This is no where near a complete answer, just a few tips to get started

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