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Summer Camps For College Students

Pearl Said:

Good College Football summer camps?

We Answered:

It kinda depends where you're from. My boyfriend went to one in North Dakota last summer (NDSU) and we're from Wisconsin. It helped coaches get a good look at him. He's going to play D2 college football this fall. If you're from around there or even if you're not, its a good camp to go to. Otherwise ask your coach, he should know which ones are good to go to around your area.

good luck!

Byron Said:

Does anyone know of any summer dance camps hosted by a college for high school students?

We Answered:

Oklahoma City University has 2 summer dance intensives for high school students. The first Dance Intensive for the Entertainment Industry July 7-18th with special guest teacher Rhonda Miller and the second Learning Intensive in American Dance July 19-25th with special guests David Howard and Steven Mitchell. Both intensives focus on American Dance forms, jazz, tap, ballet as used in musical theater, and musical theater dance. Both intensives have elective triple threat classes. For more information about both summer intensives and the OCU dance program go to

Hilda Said:

What do college students in nrotc do during the summer?

We Answered:

This greatly depends on you as a student and on the year that you are in.

Basically, in any rotc program, the first two years are like not committed. Then, to sign up for yr 3 and 4, this is when you sign a contract that you are going to be in the military after college. Usually in your 2nd and 3rd summers you will get the opportunity to attend some kind of officer camp.

If you're not in it for the long haul then you don't have to do these things. When you sign up for ROTC you sign up as a course that you get credit for. So unless you are on scholarship (in which case you will likely be required to do everything) you are done between semesters.

Everything depends on your college. I would talk to the advisor/recruiter for the NROTC at the school where you are thinking about going. They can tell you everything that is available. I can guarantee that at SOME point in time you will be going to some kind of OTS but whether they school does something else intrinsically and not just with the navy, is completely up to their program.

Dolores Said:

What is a good College art summer camp for high school students in NY?

We Answered:

These are what I could find, and programs I have been interested in, in previous summers... although I don't know exactly if they accept this late in the year... good luck!
FIT -…
Pratt -
Barnard -

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