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Summer College Programs For High School Students 2010

Maurice Said:

How is my plan for college and etc?

We Answered:

I'm guessing the program in Dublin is a summer program so you should definitely do that. Bard College seems like a great plan too. Both NYU and USC would be good choices. However, since you seem to want a certificate from NYU, I would maybe go there. At the same time, isn't movie acting in California?... and the weather's better too. I'm a little confused with the ages... there seems to be a lot of transferring going on. Normally, one would graduate from NYU at 21. Also, there's no way you can fit both columbia and the french school and the university of florida into 2 years. I would recommend going to columbia, georgetown (a lot of journalism is in D.C.), or stanford (west coast... movie acting) for grad school if you want to keep going to school after undergrad. NYU has one of the best journalism programs so if you decide to go there for undergrad then don't worry about journalism for grad. That would eliminate the need for grad school for print journalism and you would be able to focus on your acting. As for the university of florida, an online degree at a later time in your life is a great idea if you can afford it and have the time and interest.

Here's the most important thing: It seems you have a lot of interests. I do too. My advisor told me that there's no need to major in a bunch of areas. Internships and actual experience and networking mean more in the working world than what type of degree you have (you should have a degree but it doesn't need to be specifically related to your job field... relate to the job field you most want to pursue. you don't need a separate degree for each field.) Try teaching yourself about forensic science for instance... when you have spare time, read up on it. Differentiate between the things you want to do for a living and the things you have an interest in. Your interests can be satiated through self-taught learning and research. For the things you want to do for a living, acting and journalism, you should get an undergrad degree. Grad school in the future would be great. I wouldn't recommend it right after undergrad for you because you should focus on your acting then while your young.

Good luck!

Kathy Said:

How do I get into Caltech?

We Answered:

All you can do is apply and see what they say. There are too many anomolies, such as age, from the usual admittee to CalTech or the other top egineering schools to make any prediction or to offer any advice.

Look for a few back-up schools as well. Rather decent schools in LA and the rest of California.
Harvery Mudd is also a place to consider, and because of its size and structure is much more likely to consider your application favorably.

Good luck to you

Janice Said:

Is my dream school columbia university in my future?

We Answered:

Do you mean Columbia University in NYC? There are several Columbia Colleges.

No crystal ball here and I will not hazard a guess about your admission chances until your SAT and ACT scores are available. They will need to be super./

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