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Summer Employment For College Students

Holly Said:

Does anyone know of summer work in Fairfield County CT?

We Answered:

What is your major in college? You may want to find something in your Major, who knows it may turn in to a full time position.

Nora Said:

Can I drive my Escort without fixing the Sway Bar?

We Answered:

If you are not very mechanically inclined , you need to get a couple more opinions from reliable and honest mechanics as to whether you need any of this work . My escort has stainless steel transmission cooling lines and they don't rust . If you have worn tie rod ends you need to replace them promptly before one comes aloose , and you don't have any steering . The sway bar can wait , but your handling may suffer a little .

Jill Said:

Temporary Employment?

We Answered:

Sign up for as several employment agencies. Most sucessful temp agencies have several jobs that are truly temporary but won't be posted. If you can pass their tests, appear reliable and professional, they will take you on. The jobs that are posted by agencies are the desireable jobs that will entice the most desireable job seekers to apply. Truly temporary jobs - such as replacing someone out on short term disability - are less desireable than temp to perm positions, which can be marketed as career opportunities. Most job seekers want permanent jobs. Temp to perm are the positions that are also the most profitable for the agency to fill. Temp agencies attract applicants with the promise of helping them build a career. Advertising the truly temp jobs that lead nowhere would undermine that promise.

I temped for about 2 years after college a decade ago, and believe me, most of the available jobs the agency had were 1-3 day assignments. They were constantly looking for someone to fill those jobs. Contact several agencies, and be willing to show up at their office each day, waiting for an assignment.

Christy Said:

Getting a summer job?

We Answered:

Its simple we are all entitled to break!! Just be prepared know the dates & how many days off you require. If employer decides to hire you explain to them that you will be unavailable to work & give your reasons why (family gathering etc etc). An employer if they think that you will perform your duties well will consider this & if not well look for an employer that will. Be honest & upfront as long as they have enough notices surely they will be able to accommodate you.

Vincent Said:

Chance me for Syracuse University/Marist College?

We Answered:

Your chances look very good to me. The main thing is to bring a great attitude to your interview. Make sure to research Syracuse/Marist, to ask your interviewer some pertinent questions. For example, a good one might be: Does Syracuse encourage independent thought, or do the professors reward those who mimic their own thoughts more?

Also, a little humor never hurt anyone. Does it ever stop snowing in January up here?

Best of luck

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