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Summer Engineering Internships For College Students

Marlene Said:

Summer internship ideas for first-year CE major?

We Answered: - I found such internship info here. It has lots of internships, job openings and scolarships for college students.

Jeremy Said:

Letter of Intention for college?

We Answered:

Please do not think I am being cruel because I am not. Having said that what you need to do is have someone proof read this letter. There are many errors. Example: I am currently taking courses ON English. It should be I am currently taking courses IN English. Also, I had my internship in Pfizer... It should be I had my internship AT Pfizer. You have too many errors dear for me to go through all of them. Here is another one, I would like to improve myself in the AREA, you left out the second A. And another, I will type it the correct way. I believe if I were a part of your research team I would gain valuable knowledge on this subject.

I would leave out the I am fluent in writing and speaking English. He will see that when reading this letter which is why it must be without flaws. No errors, period. All in all this is a very nice introduction. You did a good job.

I am so impressed with your cousin's credentials and I know the contact person will be too. I wish her the best on a very bright future. You are a nice person and she is blessed to have you as a relative. I love it when people care about each other and show it.

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