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Summer Internships For College Students 2010

Minnie Said:

Is my resume competitive enough to get an engineering internship?

We Answered:

move Robotics and "building things" to the first 2 things in the list of Interest.

your tech skills look good, how about your communication skills. they can get an engineer who has tech skills, well, at any tech school. but if you communicate WELL, write well, analyze well, THAT is rare in an engineer, and they will probably fight over you.

analysis skills? Ability to create and analyze an experiment? What about statistics and probability?

although you say Microsoft Office, and I think that includes the spreadsheet and Powerpoint applications, it wouldn't hurt to call those 2 out especially. Most engineers spend a ton of time in spreadsheets and presentations.

Have you been in engineering long enough to have done projects? you know, not a test, but a project, like making a robot have vision? for that matter, have you built or programmed a robot on your own, as a hobby?
Industrial Engineer married to a Systems Engineer

write if you need to know what to cut to get some of these other things in, if needed.

Monica Said:

Can someone look over my resume please?

We Answered:

Looks good to me, if I was looking for an inter, I'd call you in for an interview

Gertrude Said:

someone to read over my cover letter?

We Answered:

Change the " To Whom It May Concern" To " Dear Hiring Manager"

Stanley Said:

UConn Transfer Student??? PLEASE HELP...?

We Answered:

They will really look at your comm coll grades. Make sure you have great recommendations. If you can pull your gpa in comm college up more b/c colleges are very selective in admitting transfer students and do not admit that many really. Also, show uconn you are really interested in the, call admissions, get a tour of the school, tell them to put you in contact with a student so you cant learn more about the uconn experience from a student, mention how this was instrumental ni you wanting to apply and be a student at uconn yada yada yada and also mention in your personal statement how your area of study fits in well with the program uconn has for what you want to specialize in. Hope this helps.

Andre Said:

could i get into UCLA?

We Answered:

Your GPA and SAT's are impressive, so you'd probably get in, just as long as you write a good essay and have a good personal statement. You could get into just about anywhere with a GPA of 4.0.

And if you don't get in, it's not the end of the world ;)

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