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Summer Internships For College Students In Nyc

Darlene Said:

Finding NYC summer housing - intern? Any advice?

We Answered:

you might want to check out the Webster Apartments, a short-term residence for women ONLY in Midtown, only about10-15 minutes to GV by walk and subway.

we have overseas interns where i work, and many of them have stayed at Webster, and they have almost uniformly liked staying there very much. the nice thing about the Webster is that meals are included in the rent.

i'll also attach an article from 1982 that lists other women's residences operating at the time, many, or all of which, should still be in business.

good luck!

Mae Said:

advice/help for college student looking for summer marketing internship!?

We Answered: - I found such internship info here. It has lots of internships, job openings and scolarships for college students.

Armando Said:

What is typical NYC summer weather?

We Answered:

I'm on board with the average temps in NY being 80 through 100 and the humidity being the worst part of in. In Manhattan itself you have the stifling heat because no air moves between the buildings but if you manage a stroll to either end near the water you get a decent breeze especially after it gets dark.

--- If you don't have Air Conditioning where you'll be staying you'll probably want to hang out in coffee shops, book stores and other locations that will let you chill in their AC or maybe hang late at your place of work. Museums and libraries run special shows during the summer from free music to dancing.

--- Summer dresses are really a good idea because they go from day with a nice little sweater and mules to hot nights with no sleeves and a pin to hike it up a little and some flip flops. If the fabric is of darkish colors you can even get away with walking through an open hydrant in it and letting yourself air dry or even a walk on the beach.
Capris are acceptable in some work places if they are nice and matched with again a nice sleeveless button down and a cute shrug and you're all set for day into evening. The short mini dresses paired with some leggins are in some offices acceptable again keep a shrug or even a long suit jacket around and heels under your desk or someone's desk and you can be dressed up in a second. If you have to wear suits then make sure you remove your stockings and heels before you leave the building. Women tend to wear no sleeves because you reduce pit stains on your clothing. Remember lots of times you will go out straight after work.

--- Some subway trains have no heat. You'll know when they pull into the station because it will be the one rather empty car. Some will have great air, but the platforms usually don't because it will cost the city too much to compete with the heat from the outside of the trains.

--- Cabs are upgraded and most will have AC but the ride in traffic can be costly on a daily basis.

--- Keep hair accessories available, you can pin your hair up if neccessary and off your neck when you start to overheat. Keep a body spray in your bag. A light fruity one or powder scent nothing overwhelming spritz and hang outside for a minute then return from lunch. It'll take away the food smells and funk if your deoderant decides to bail on you.
--- And congrats on the internship.

Alice Said:

advice/help for a college student looking for a summer marketing internship!?

We Answered: - I found such internship info here. It has lots of internships, job openings and scolarships for college students.

Kim Said:

The Webster- summer housing in NYC?

We Answered:

I have a friend that lives in a similar place. The only problem is that now you are an adult, you might want a guy to stay over once in a while. Not going to happen there. They are VERY strict.

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