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Summer Internships For College Students Paid

Thomas Said:

What is the best job for a college student over the summer? I need money but also want to do something fun.?

We Answered:

See about working at a convention center or country club that holds banquets. The money will be very good for a college student and the networking you can do is priceless. They are pretty fun, and if you work an event attended by people who are very successful you might start to learn a thing or two and have the opportunity to meet some people that will get you very far in life. It is all about who you know in this country and while fun jobs are "FUN", they might not be as benificial as ones that take a little more focus. Whatever you choose, make sure it is something that you can benefit from not only finacially, but gain knowledge from and life skills from. Good Luck in your search. may you have a very successful future ahead of you. -Michael

Marlene Said:

London summer internships for american students?

We Answered: - I found such internship info here. It has lots of internships, job openings and scolarships for college students.

Esther Said:

London summer internships for American students?

We Answered:

like 1st answer said lol, your telling us your plans but how old are you/what experience you got and what you plan to study in college

Joy Said:

Architecture Internship for high school students?

We Answered:

I think you may have better luck just by changing your terminology. The term "internship" evokes visions of a nearly-qualified trainee who receives pay and/or intensive educational supervision to perform a position which currently exists within the company. Since you're really looking for work experience to round out a college resume, I'd suggest you approach the architectural firms with that proposal instead. If you can get a teacher from your high school to write you a letter of recommendation, and go into the businesses asking for a short-term job shadowing, work experience, or volunteer position, I think it will be better received. Keep in mind, they may be concerned with liability issues, so you may want to also come prepared with a statement (also signed by your parent or guardian, if you are under age) which absolves them of responsibility for you in their work site.

Edith Said:

Does this sound like a scam to you?

We Answered:

it totally sounds like it has scam written all over it. don't take the risk, unless you want to throw $1,035 down the drain... in most cases if you feel like it's a scam it probably is. do some research, someone out there may have already got burnt by them and has posted it some where, so best of luck....But I'm no expert just giving some friendly advise

Leslie Said:

should I work my butt off this summer?

We Answered:

I think it's a great idea if you can physically and mentally handle it. It's good to look ahead as you are, and do what you have to do to in order to have things work out for next year. You'll be really glad to have that $6000 for school when the time comes, and working your butt off now will be worth the peace of mind you'll have about tuition. :)

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