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Summer Internships In Chicago For College Students

Lisa Said:

Is this a unique application?

We Answered:!!!…

Kathleen Said:

Can I get into these colleges?

We Answered:

You should be able to get into Upenn or university of Chicago. I know i graduated high school with a 3.98 unweighted gpa and was accepted to Duke so duke may be a possibility also. It seems like you have very good grades,plenty of awards, and volunteere work. You also are well versed in many different laungues. I don't think you will have any problem getting into a top school!

Marlene Said:

Advice on whether or not to take a summer job!!!!! HELP, THANKS :)?

We Answered:

it sounds like you have thought this out pretty well and are leaning
towards taking the job, but you need a little push.

think about how you will feel if you pass it up and never know how it was going to work out.

if you dont get out of your comfort zone, you will never grow.
just go for it, and stop worrying.

Carla Said:

Could I get into any of these Universities?

We Answered:

I can only give a general answer. I am familiar wit UT-Austin and can tell you that they are always swamped with in-state students applying. An out of state student with lower scores would not rank highly on their admit list. I would assume that would be the same for NYU, Penn State and any other large school. The smaller schools, well it will depend on how exclusive they are. As others have said it might be worth your time and money to go to a community college first to prove yourself to these other schools.

Charles Said:

Could I get into any of these Universities?

We Answered:

1. Point Park University (Pittsburgh, PA) - should be accepted
2. Columbia University (New York City, NY) - not a snowball's chance in hell
3. New York University (New York City, NY) - no way
4. University of Minnesota - Twin Cities (Minneapolis, MN) - reach, but worth applying to
5. Saint Louis University (St. Louis, MO) - quite possibly
6. University of Miami (Miami, FL) - probably not
7. St. Cloud State University (St. Cloud, MN) - probably yes
8. Penn State University - University Park (College Park, PA) - no, but a satellite campus would probably take you
9. Ryerson University (Toronto, Ontario, Canada) - maybe
10. University of Texas - Austin (Austin, TX) - no
11. Northwestern University (Chicago, IL) - not a chance
12. Misericordia University (Wilkes Barre, PA) - probably
13. Boston University (Boston, MA) - no

you need to get way more realistic.

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