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Summer Job For College Students

Leah Said:

What's a good summer job for a college student?

We Answered:

sorry, dogg

those jobs are taken by college grads
MBA's stocking shelves at Target
You need a PhD just to work at the King!!!!!!!!!!

It's the New Great Depression

Career fair was PACKED today
To talk to employers, you had to wait in a line a mile long!

Alfred Said:

What is the best summer job for a college student majoring in business?

We Answered:

Financial internships pay extremely well and look very good on your resume. What year are you? Most students at my school don't get the really good-paying internships ($10,000+ for a 10 week summer program) until their junior year, but you can still find financial internships that pay $14-$18 an hour for your freshman and sophomore summers. You should sign up with if you haven't already to find summer internships in accounting/financial services/etc. Monstertrak lets you search for internships based on location, your major, and occupation.

Kelly Said:

Good summer job for a college student?

We Answered:

I'd like a venti java chip frap with an extra shot, please

Rachel Said:

Where can I find a decent paying TRAVELLING summer job for a college student?

We Answered:

A lot of resorts have live-in, seasonal work. I'd check hostels across Europe. Don't know about the pay, but room and board included is a pretty sweet deal.

Also, depending on the country you may need to get a working holiday visa.

Here's a site that specializes in work abroad programs:

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