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Summer Jobs 2010 For College Students

Marcia Said:

Info about online classes?

We Answered:

As I know, this site has top listing of such college courses online -

Brittany Said:

Should my husband pursue this new job? Would you?

We Answered:



no freaking way. am i making myself clear? you are putting his career before his schooling. here is what you do. stay put and stay FOCUSED only on his getting that mba until he is finished. putting a stressful 2 hour commute into your day when he has school will doom your plans and make the next several years a journey into hell.

stay where you are doing what you are doing. have him get his degree. the extra money he can command with an mba and an excellent multi year track record at his present place of employment will give you the opportunity to make more money. dont try to do this all now. do it when you are done with school for petes sake. you are talking about trading two hours A DAY for 5000$. and all the headaches and stress that comes along with it. dont do it. that is a nickel and a dime compared to what you can make if you just stick to the plan. stay where you are and dont worry yet about student loans.

driving that way while getting an mba is a terrible distraction and risk at this time. try also to hold off children until he gets this mba. you have plenty of time to do this later.

the reason they dont want to promote him is because they need him where he is because they already know how excellent he is. leave this be for now. just continue to do what you are doing.

how do i know this? i am a business owner, and my son is your age. and, i have mentored many young people including my own brother and nephew both of whom are now doctors about this very thing. focus on the task at hand, and worry about the tiny amounts of money later.

do not trade a secure and successful future for a distraction and a tiny amount of money now. dont do it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

it will also help you two to write this all down and remind yourself of the goals.

good luck.

Ashley Said:

Why Parents seem to get mad everytime I schedule my college classes?

We Answered:

when they entered the work force, im sure the economy was in much better shape than it is now. Even people with degrees these days are finding it hard to make enough money to make ends meet. A college education is a MUST right now, unless you are going into a trade, like my boyfriend, and can make good money. Nursing is a very good field to go into, demand is high for nurses so maybe if you do some research on the topic of what i just mentioned, youre parents will be more understanding. You are an adult now, they have no right to be making decisions for you, especially when the decisions are going to affect you for the rest of your life. Stand up for yourself.

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