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Summer Jobs For College Students 2010

Micheal Said:

Should I leave this on my resume/put this on my job applications?

We Answered:

You don't have to put any part time job on your resume. Since it is highly possible that this employer will bad mouth you, (and her other employees) I would leave it off. You might also consider in the future, keeping copies of all your evaluations on various jobs. Those can serve as references for you. So in this case she didn't say anything to you until the last week of the job, an evaluation would have served well as a reference instead. You have a right to a copy of anything that has your legal signature, so when you get evaluations, ask employers for a copy for your records, even if you have to pay for the copy. Employers have a funny way of writing nice stuff about you when you work for them, and then bad mouthing you when you quit, so evaluations are a great source of reference.

Ida Said:

Is this what we have become?

We Answered:

Funny what 50 years of a Marxist takeover of our education system has done, huh?

Andre Said:

How much have things changed in 50 years?

We Answered:

My teacher hit me on the head with a book last week because I was being an idiot. In 1957 he'd be alright. Now he'd probably get fired if he was in USA. I always like to think NZ is still in the past. Well some of it anyway.

Katherine Said:

Don't you think we are complicating things too much? Just read on...?

We Answered:

I know the times are changing. The old era was simple and logical.

Alfred Said:

Can sis move out to attend college at 17? (Washington)?

We Answered:

Yes, and your mom should fight for her too. Sounds like she's got a great life ahead of her! Scholarships and everything-that's awesome! :-)
Now go follow in her footsteps, ok? :-)

Daniel Said:

Are Things Better in our High Schools in 2010 as Compared to let say..1957? (see below)?

We Answered:

NOT at all in these above senses. Technology is the only thing that is getting better. But the judicial system and social system is just malnutritioned and whack-headed.

Basic disciplinary and moral teachings have been considered weird and outdated by today's rebellious generation. In short, spiritually speaking, Christ's coming is nigh anytime now. I should preserve the Holiness in God and so shall all who are in Christ. Maranatha!

Jamie Said:

Are you a Baha'i in London and willing to take someone in?

We Answered:

Rather than advertising on Yahoo Answers, I'd recommend contacting the local Spiritual Assembly.
Go here:
It has their e-mail address, fax number, and telephone number.

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