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Summer Jobs For College Students In Michigan

Alfredo Said:

what would you do to prepare on a final exit exam? tips pleaseeee?

We Answered:

*By this point you should have a good grasp of the article. I would recommend just staying calm and getting rest. Also, reread the article maybe half an hour before the exam.* Good luck!

Scott Said:

Are these realistic college choices?

We Answered:

Stanford is definitely not realistic, Berkeley is probably not but the rest look doable.

Jay Said:

Transferring College Advise NEEDED fast!!?

We Answered:

Long post man. Here is my advice, its really a bunch of miscellaneous thoughts, take it for what its worth.

* Being as it is, you'll only forfeit a few classes, so your aren't losing much time by transferring. That being the case I wouldn't factor it into the equation at all. Either route will allow you to graduate on time, or maybe Michigan would include a single semester more. Just MAKE SURE that they aren't going to stick on a bunch of other "core courses" they want you to take, and find out about summer school credits transferring as soon as you can...

* Michigan State probably looks a lot better on your resume than whatever college (you didn't name it) in Texas your attending. In my experience employers DO look at that, more so than they do the GPA probably...Fair or unfair, thats just what I've seen...I wouldn't sweat the GPA thing too much - anybody can go to a lesser school and do better academically and I think employers are aware of that....I sense you hate to do that because you've worked hard for high marks, but thats part of the tradeoff if you relocate...On the bright side, often times upper level courses are actually easier than the first couple of years, believe it or not, as backwards as that sounds. Now remember that might not be the case going from one institution to another if they haven't prepared you adequately.

* Also think about where you want to live when you do graduate - often times employers recruit from schools locally. Michigan does not exactly have a booming economy last time I checked, in fact most people are trying to leave Detroit, Lansing, etc...But then again Michigan State is big enough that regional employers likely hire their graduates and place them all over the midwest. If your at a no-name school in Texas, your almost certainly relegated to Texas employers.

* Lastly, and this may be the most valuable piece of advice....College actually isn't what its made out on tv and pop culture for most people...Its not all fun, partying, having a lot of friends, etc...It actually takes several years to adjust to, and just about the time you do it, its on to the next chapter of your life!...I was fortunate in that I went to a school just several hours from home, joined a fraternity, etc. and was plugged in well socially...Even still, it was day and night different from what I expected. Its not high school, and it ends up being a lot of studying, working crappy part-time jobs, living in less than desireable circumstances, and so forth...Its all a part of growing up. Moving closer to home may be fine if you know people there, but it may not be as you remember it either, as people change. Second, you'll only have a brief 2 years to develop relationships in the event you don't already have a social circle up there.

I side more with mom on this and don't see much holding you back...BUT, just make sure that its the enviornment and you that is the true issue. Moving, transferring, etc. will not necessarily solve all your problems.

Annie Said:

Can I get into University of Michigan?

We Answered:

To put in perspective, OVER 37% of incoming freshman had a WORSE GPA than you did. Your SAT isn't as high, but over 50% of students had an ACT score of 24-29, which you are right in line with. And with all the extra curricular activities and clubs, you'd be as good as in IMO. Great job.

Best of luck, hope I could help. More information is on collegeboard:…

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