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Summer Jobs For College Students In Minnesota

Lorraine Said:

Looking for a summer job?

We Answered:

try the mall

Esther Said:

What is a good college for me?

We Answered:

I'm not familiar with Wisconsin or the surrounding states, so I can't say off the top of my head. What I would suggest you do is to get an account on and go to the college match-up section (it's a red icon). Enter your preferences (do you want public or private, where do you want to be, what majors do you want, secular or religious, etc) and start checking out the schools that come up. It's an excellent tool to start with.

Peggy Said:

What address should I use for my college on a job application?

We Answered:

I dont know much about it.
but im guessing the one you live at most of the time.
just so they send you mail you get it

Manuel Said:

Work at Walmart if offered job or not?

We Answered:

I have worked for walmart for 2 days and it was such a boring job. They had me working in womens apparel folding clothes for 5 hours straight. It was very slow paced job I mean especially coming from a fast-food restuarant. It you do get the job they will tell you how much you will make it's different with amount of experience or education or hours worked or desired I got 8.25 an hour. Working at Wal-Mart worth traveling 30 minutes a day isn't worth it in my opinion.

Alicia Said:

Can I get into Stanford?

We Answered:

Heh, not bad, but here is the real question, have you taken your IB exams yet? What are the scores? You probably haven't yet since you are asking this, but I recall they make you do the Sl exams first?

Getting a 5 is a good and all, but to be considered, a 6 is minimal. A 7 will probably put you in a good lead. What do you expect your average IB points to be? A good score of 38s+ should be very good,

Not sure how you are going to write the extended essay based on a vacation (or on a language for that matter!)

Are you taking IB Maths Hl? English and Mathematics are the first subjects that are always being viewed at before anything else. Doing them in Hl would do strengthen your background.

Since you are doing IB English and assuming you get at least a 5, you should have met the English requirement without any problems.

Not sure how reliable are these "recommendation letters", but they always do you good in the admission, that's actually how most people get in, not lying to you. My friend got into Berkeley like this, but then again he did have good grades (he was in the AP).

Just looking at your extracurricular activities, you seem to have done more than CAS requires you.

I do not know how your IB exams will turn out, so I can't say if you are good or not, but I have given you what you need to achieve to be considered.

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