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Summer Music Programs For College Students

Naomi Said:

chances of getting into fordham university (with some type of scholarship)?

We Answered:

The link for financial aid at Fordham…

Salvador Said:

Can I Get into University of Georgia or Oxford College of Emory with these stats?

We Answered:

wow, dude, of course you have a chance.
Colleges as prestigious as emory and georgia and wisconsin understand that their applicants are not gods- they will definitely understand that you are probably not good at taking tests under pressure- since you took 5 AP's and 12 honors classes with awesome grades. Colleges look for mroe than just hard classes- and you definitely show a passion for music, environment and politics/world issues. That's more than enough- because colleges want to take people that can contribute to the whole university- not just the classroom. Dont worry about the ACT or SAT, that's just one component. You have a great chance at any of these universities, and if you study your *** off, im sure you can raise that ACT score.

Carl Said:

What are the best *most economical* anti-virus & spyware programs for a college student using Windows XP???

We Answered:

I'm in college too and I know the virus protection colleges offer suck. I went to and searched for Ashampoo AntiSpyWare in the search bar and scrolled down to about the bottom of the page and downloaded it. This has a 40-day free trial but the good news is that its only 29.99 to buy which would probably be great on your college budget. I know it was for me. Good luck!

Jeffrey Said:

Free Music Off iTunes?

We Answered:

Normally You Have To Pay To Have Songs Of Itunes. I'm Not To Sure If They Still Do Every Saturday You Can Download A Song They Pick Weather They Still Do That. But Unfourtuntly I Havnt Ever Heard Of Free Music Of Itunes As You Normally Have To Pay For Music And Videos.

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Wisata Pulau Pari said:

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Travel Pulau Pari said:

carrying out work in the field associated with tourism is in desperate need excellent features. working functionality site is very appropriate in my experience that an expert in the field of take a trip and pleasure.

reviews of oontz angle here said:

Even though a great deal of karaoke fans are generally satisfied throughout making their unique karaoke catalogue, should you be immediately after a thing more innovative the ideal selection will be the SongStation Karaoke Appliance.

Find more said:

I'm all in for the Summer Music Programs For College Students. And I think the musical experience in a student's life is pretty important and enjoyable as well. Their grooming in musical department is important.