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Summer Opportunities For College Students

Leo Said:

Is anyone aware of internship opportunities for a college student in an area near Durham, NC for summer 2009? ?

We Answered:

Please visit - 160k -… - 19k -… - 91k - - 46k - Cached -

Charles Said:

Why do most college students get more exercise in the summer than in rainy seasons?

We Answered:

Differences in need - going to the beach and pools more, so college students have more emphasis on looking good during the summer.

Differences in opportunity - easier to exercise in good weather rather than rain (think of runners).

I would think that demand requires actors to get more exercise than accountants. After all, accountants aren't going to get filmed.

Marion Said:

What summer exchange opportunities are there for college students who want to study in California?

We Answered:

Given California's pretty broke, whatever programs that might have existed (especially on the public side) are probably on hiatus now. UC just jacked tuition 32% because they're desperate for money. The state's pretty much broke. Doesn't hurt to look, but don't hold you hopes too high on anything public in the coming years.

Kirk Said:

International volunteer opportunities for college students?!?!?

We Answered:

Just about any international volunteer opportunity you are going to find is not going to pay for your travel expenses. You will not only have to pay for those but some of your living expenses depending on the organization you go with.

Kristen Said:

traveling opportunities for college aged students!?

We Answered:

Yes, there are lots of programs out there. Check out, look especially in their Eco/Adventure page and their Volunteer Abroad page. Good luck!

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