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Summer Study Abroad Programs For College Students

Ruben Said:

What is the best summer program for gifted high-school students?

We Answered:

Probably the Stanford EPGY summer programme if it's just in general. By subject it depends, and furthermore, we can have subjects in subjects....

Also, check out internships with places like the NSA of Google if you are truly gifted.

Kirk Said:

Do you suggest any scholarships, so that I can study abroad to China with Georgetown University?

We Answered:

Working 20 hours a week would get you there in about a year. You are just a freshman and will likely spend way more than that through your high school career on junk. If it's something you actually want. That will mean sacrifice on your part.

That is unless you find someone who loves you who will shoulder the burden for you. Parents, grandparents, a family friend.

I realize it doesn't spell it out but programs like this really aren't geared for the freshman or sophomore. You maybe notices that you are required to submit your PSAT/SAT/ACT scores? Are you even thinking of taking those this year much less do you have the ability to score enough on them to be recognized as an exceptional student and probably a good candidate for going to Georgetown University?

I'd say get a part time job, save everything and you will be able to have an opportunity like this, either with or without Georgetown.

I'm not sure why you are confused concerning financial aid from Georgetown, it's fairly clear, you download the form for a partial waiver and that's basically all that is available through them. Maybe the reason the people didn't sound clear is they didn't want to make it sound like you were going to get it for sure. Honestly, I would really doubt that you at this point would get one. You've got more years, the scholarships are probably going to go to the seniors who have shown years of good grades and who are in financial need to take advantage of this program, and maybe an exceptional junior or two.

That's how I'd spend it if it was entrusted to me. You, as such a young student, really don't have a history to show and you still have time. I'd have a real hard time telling a senior no so you could go.


Rodney Said:

Best Place to Study Abroad?

We Answered:

In my school (I'm in USA), we have programs through the school. 7K sounds really expensive for only a 4 week program. We have ones for a year that only cost 6K. All prices go through the school...
We have programs in Europe as well, but I enjoyed Japan. I choose Japan because I speak Japanese and was raised in Japan. I plan to study abroad again in Europe, and it might be Poland. I like studying abroad because you learn so much about a foreign culture and language with your own eyes and ears. I don't get homesick, but I hear this is one fallback for some people.

Javier Said:

How will the study abroad program benefit me?

We Answered:

Well, first of all, answering to your last question give this program a try, you'll get maturity and independence.

Personal Growth

“Overall, I learned a lot more about myself in that one semester than I did in the three and a half years in my home school because of the unique space in which I learned, experienced, and spent exploring another culture,” says Carolyn Valtos (IES Adelaide, 1992).

An overwhelming majority of respondents echoed Valtos’ feeling. When asked about personal growth, 97 percent said studying abroad served as a catalyst for increased maturity, 96 percent reported increased self-confidence, 89 percent said that it enabled them to tolerate ambiguity, and 95 percent stated that it has had a lasting impact on their world view.

Findings also show that study abroad leads to long-lasting friendships with other U.S. students and still impacts current relationships. More than half the respondents are still in contact with U.S. friends met while studying abroad, and 73 percent said the experience continues to influence the decisions they make in their family life.

Alexa Sand (IES Milan, 1989), who is still very close to U.S. friends she met abroad ten years ago, explains, “I think the shared experience of living fully immersed in another culture made these friendships particularly poignant and enduring.”

Intercultural Development

Study abroad educators often assert that one of the goals of study abroad is to train future global leaders to be more effective, respectful of other cultures and political and economic systems, and willing to take a stand for the world’s welfare, not just what benefits a specific country. The survey findings indicate that study abroad is succeeding in its mission.

When questioned about intercultural development, 98 percent of respondents said that study abroad helped them to better understand their own cultural values and biases, and 82 percent replied that study abroad contributed to their developing a more sophisticated way of looking at the world.

“ The experience of living and studying in another country was so eye-opening … [it] tested preconceptions and habits I wasn’t even aware were so ingrained in me,” says Cynthia Perras (IES Paris, 1981).

It is significant to note that these intercultural benefits are not fleeting but continue to impact participants’ lives long after their time abroad. Almost all of the respondents (94 percent) reported that the experience continues to influence interactions with people from different cultures, and 23 percent still maintain contact with host-country friends. Ninety percent said that the experience influenced them to seek out a greater diversity of friends, and 64 percent said that it also influenced them to explore other cultures.

“It has been nearly ten years since I was a student in Vienna, but not a single day goes by where its impact is not felt in my life,” says Jason Thornberg (IES Vienna, 1994). “My time there fundamentally changed how I view the world and has given me the ability to view the world, and its issues, from several perspectives.”

Education and Career Attainment

“My semester [abroad] launched me into a personal and professional involvement with Spain that has already lasted 25 years. A political science lecture in Madrid about U.S. and Spanish involvement in an obscure war in Sahara … led to a graduate fellowship to Spain and North Africa, which led to work as a foreign correspondent based in Spain,” says Gary Abramson (IES Madrid, 1978).

It is noteworthy that the majority of respondents gave academic and professional accounts similar to Abramson’s. When questioned about academic pursuits, 87 percent of respondents said that study abroad influenced subsequent educational experiences, 63 percent said that it influenced their decision to expand or change academic majors, and 64 percent reported that it influenced their decision to attend graduate school. Nearly half of all respondents have engaged in international work or volunteerism since studying abroad.

“ An entire range of professional opportunities have opened up to me in recent years, partly due to the skills and internship experiences I gained,” adds Joydeep Sengupta (IES Madrid, 1998).

Similar to Sengupta’s experience, three-quarters of respondents asserted that they acquired skill sets abroad that influenced their career path, and 62 percent said that studying abroad ignited an interest in a career direction pursued after the experience.

Longer Stays Mean Greater Benefits

Consistent with national study abroad statistics, the survey found that students are generally studying abroad for a shorter duration, with the number of full-year students declining dramatically. In the 1950s and 1960s, 72 percent of respondents studied for a full year, but only 20 percent of respondents did so in the 1990s. The number of students studying for less than 10 weeks tripled from the 1950s and 1960s to the 1990s.

Darlene Said:

Which college is best to go to study abroad?

We Answered:

Why would you study abroad when what you could really be doing is studying A Broad! :)

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