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Time Management Activities For College Students

Jesus Said:

Pain management for knees?

We Answered:

special custom made orthotics that actively change and disperse the weight your knees have to bear, if you are 15 pounds over weight make moves towards a diet change to unload the knees, there is a type of shoes that when you wear the change the length of the ligaments and re-train the muscles to bear the weight easier.

Clinton Said:

I asked this in careers, but I want college students' opinions...?

We Answered:

I think that really great work experience and a good degree are really what catch employer's eyes, however, when either one of these areas is not really strong the employer starts looking at other areas. For example when I am looking to hire someone just out of college w/ no work experience I look at the types of volunteer work they've done or what types of leadership positions they've held in student organizations. A person who by their resume is only involved in schoolwork and nothing else exhibits to an employer little drive and may not have the ability to multitask.

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