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Young College Students

Alan Said:

What are some good summer programs for young college students in the dance area. (and somewhat affordable?)?

We Answered:

There are a lot of college summer programs. You will also find some modern ones that wont take anyone under 18.
Check out *Paul Taylor NYC (held at LaGuardia Arts H.S.) and NYU Tisch summer dance program. They accept all levels at these programs, don't expect to be in the top group. They also have major professional dancers teaching these classes.

*PT might be expensive. I am not sure. I went full ride.

Norman Said:

Where can 2 young college students go in Napa?

We Answered:

You can just drive around and see the scenery...even walk around the grounds of the winery. Calistoga has the cheapest tastings. August Briggs in Calistoga is free. You can also print free wine tasting coupons. Some are for free tastings and others are 2 for 1. Here's the site for that:

Tom Said:

Are there travelling programs/acting troupes for young college-age students available?

We Answered:

There is one thing called SETC. It usually occurs in the early spring. You have to go to an audition prior to actually going to the conference in order to get a number. Most states have local auditions at various colleges. If you get a number then you go to the conference and audition for over a 100 summer stock or touring companies. I hope this helps.

Sharon Said:

Why is it so suprising to other students, to see a young college student who has a child?

We Answered:

Well, first off...good for you for getting your education and not letting be a teen parent be an excuse to sit around and collect welfare! You are setting an expmple for other young moms that being a teen parent doesn't mean that you have to give up. I think a lot of people may be suprised because of the ammount of people that do NOT attend college. Don't let them get to you. Just remember that you are finishing school so you can provide a better life for your child.

Francisco Said:

Do you believe young college students should postpone marrying until they graduate?

We Answered:

Yes, I believe that young college students should postpone marrying till they are graduate.

I think the best reason for this is that they are still supporting themselves (if they are working) or are being supported by their parents. Some of them would be buried in student loans (although I'm pretty sure the loan doesn't go away when you get married). Most university students are juggling work and their studies, and getting married and possibly having a family would be a distraction to the studies of the students. I have noticed a lot of women stopping their studies because they became pregnant and/or are trying to raise their baby.

As much as I am all for letting people be happy with the person they love, I believe that if they really love each other, then they would support each other to have a vision for themselves and to continue their studies willfully, graduate, have a stable job and then get married.

If love is really there, then I think there is no need to hurry.

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