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A High School

Kenneth Said:

Why do so many teens turn out for a GED instead of completing high school and receiving? diploma?

We Answered:

because school is harder and sucks.

Matthew Said:

Is Confirmation a requirement for Catholic high school graduation?

We Answered:

No. Greendol is right; not everyone in a Catholic high school is Catholic. Furthermore, Confirmation is a declaration of personal belief and commitment; it would be morally wrong for them to force anyone to be confirmed who was not ready for it. I graduated from a Catholic high school, and I know how it works. I doubt anyone will even ask you if you've been confirmed, but if they do, just explain to them you're not ready yet. You'll be fine.

Service hours, on the other hand, are often required even at public schools. They can deny you graduation if you do not complete them. Some people have tried to say it's unconstitutional under the 13th Amendment which forbids "involuntary servitude," but until the Supreme Court gives the say-so, I'm afraid you still have to comply.

Billie Said:

going to high school and getting a deploma better then homeschooled and getting one?

We Answered:

ok first off your boyfriend needs to take a breath and leave you alone! Educational disicions should be between you and your rents not him! second as a homeschool graduate i can tell you colleges etc honestly preffer homeschoolers. It shows you are independent and often homeschoolers have a better education. I got into all the colleges (Harvard, Roberts Weslyan, John Carrol, Hopkins) that i applied to. I also got into several tech and cosmo schools in my town so really they did not seem to care about the fact that i was homeschooled!

Samantha Said:

What job can I get with a High School Diploma?

We Answered:


Helen Said:

What exactly is the point of a high school relationship?

We Answered:

Girl, you must be a 30 year old trapped in a 16 year old's body. I'm an 18 year old guy and I agree. Why? It's high school. 99.9% of high school relationships break off anyway. There is only ONE positive aspect of a high school relationship and it's not even that great. Practice. You date in high school it makes you somewhat comfortable dating the opposite sex in general. But we all know high school is nothing compared to the real world. NOTHING, not even the best school in the world can prepare you for the real world. The best teacher is yourself. Experiencing life obstacles and the stuff that comes with it. Observing and learning what life has to offer is the real education. Relationships included. So you are on the right track, screw high school relationships because it's just like high school, it's going to end. When you turn into the mature, sexy and experienced woman you most likely will be, it is then you can look for a REAL LIFE relationship in the REAL WORLD.

That is all.

Vernon Said:

How can I throw a bomb *** high school field party?

We Answered:

Do you actually believe that you can have a PARTY and no drunks will show up.

Vanessa Said:

What's a good website to find a job where you have no experiences & only hold a high school diploma?

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High school is not a big deal, since the first week it should be just like my old school. Sure drama and final and it is not really so terrible to be honest but that's not all.

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Going from middle school to high school , or Junior High to High, whatever situation it maybe, Is not too much different. If you keep in mind going from 5th quality to Center University, it will type of be like that, possibilities are a few buddies will modify buddy categories and you will skip them.

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High School is the best experience. Its not the sessions you take, or the instructors you have or the groups you be a part of that forms you as a individual. It's the individuals you take the trip with that can modify your opinions on lifestyle itself.

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School only gives you a degree. They don’t teach you anything about the work you have to do after school. A diploma is more popular because a diploma holder has more chances to get a job. They have to study only what they have to do when they work. said:

I doubt anyone who asked for you as ever asked if you had already confirmed it, but if they did, they just explained to them they were not yet ready. It will be fine. said:

You can cause you to refuse graduation if you do not complete. Some people tried to say that the 13th amendment, which forbids the opposite "involuntary work", but the Supreme Court said, I am afraid you still need to improve.

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What job can I get with a High School Diploma?

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