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A Resume For A High School Student

Christopher Said:

What Does a High school Student Put in a Resume?

We Answered:

Some of the other answerers had good suggestions. If you belonged to clubs and were an officer or active in the club than list that. If you volunteered at charitable organizations (e.g. food banks, hospitals, animal shelters) list that. Being active in student government is something you could list. If you had to do a charitable or social project to graduate you can describe that. It you excelled at something scholastically you could talk about that also.
Just think about anything you did that broadened your life experiences and gave you more insight into how the world operates and adapt it for your resume.

Hazel Said:

Is this a good resume for a High School Student?

We Answered:

ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ..........whoa were you saying something?

Erika Said:

What is a good resume objective for a high school student?

We Answered:

"To gain experience and a better understanding of custumer service and gain people skills for future work" play with that a bit

Bonnie Said:

What would a high school student put on her job resume?

We Answered:

On your resume, have the following information:
--your contact information,
--what school you are attending and what hours you are available to work, (expect to work weekends,)
--if you have a car or access to one, let them know you have transportation, (otherwise, check to see if there is public transportation that can get you easily to and from work at odd times or in poor weather,)
--your GPA, if it is higher than average, (shows intelligence and the willingness to work hard)
--any special classes you are taking that would be helpful for the job for which you are applying (computer skills, higher math, etc.)
--any volunteer work (shows that you can be dependable)
--names and contact information for references (these are non-relatives you have asked ahead of time to speak up for you, they might be teachers, neighbors, or adult family friends)
--type it all neatly on one page in a simple format (you can find examples on-line)
Before you go in to apply for a job, have a folder or large envelope with several copies of your unfolded, printed resumes. Have a small notebook and pen with you so you can write down the names and phone numbers of anyone you need to call back. (Seperate page for each employer.) Dress neatly and conservatively. Have your social security number with you. (Be sure you turn the ringer off your cell, it's disrespectful to answer a call while you are with someone or waiting in their office.)
As for applying, different companies operate differently. Never go in at their busy times, mealtime at restaurants, Saturdays for retail, Saturdays or at the end of the business day for a grocery store and so on. Go in and ask for the manager or personnel office if it is a very big place. Tell them you would like to apply for a starting position and ask if there are any spots available. Even if the answer is no, ask if you can fill out an application and leave a resume for future reference.
Sometimes they will give you a paper application. If so, fill it out then and leave it with them along with a copy of your resume. Ask if you can have an appointment for an interview. Be polite, brief and and thank the person afterwards.
Sometimes they will ask you to fill out an on-line resume. If so, go ahead and leave a resume. Ask for the name and phone number of the person who will be filling the position so that you can check back with them later.
Within 3 to 4 days, call the company back and tell them you want to follow up about your job application. Try to arrange an interview. Write down when and who you talk to so that can track progress. Be polite, be persistant and friendly.
If at first you aren't successful, keep calling back every week or two. Don't be discouraged, a company might not have a position available when you first apply, but you never know when something opens up.
Employers will remember you if are business like and persistant in your endeavors.

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