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Activities For High School Students

Esther Said:

Mental Health class activities for High School students?

We Answered:

Try to do activities that gets everybody involved in eachother, and include yourself too, to build trust in the classroom...kinda like group therapy i guess lol...i never took a class like this before...but i do remember this one activity we did in elementry school that seems fitting...

print out a list of simple survey questions like your favortie food, color, animal, stuff like that and have everyone fill it out.

then have your classroom go around checking with other classmates to find similar answers ie:
Susy likes cats, so she needs to find everyone in the room who also likes cats...
and so on. have them make a list of people who share their common interests, or something like that.

It will show them that even though "Jimmy might be a jock", and "Nancy might be a nerd", but both of them like can have common interests with people you never thought you would.

It will help them move out of their little cliques and groups, and discover things about people they would normally ignore.

Terrence Said:

What are some leadership activities for high school students?

We Answered:

One activity that can be helpful is to have students discuss what makes a good leader, have them select the leaders they admire most, research these leaders, etc.

The key is helping the high school students develop their own leadership style that is consistent with their personality.

Hope this helps.

Andrew Robinson

Nelson Said:

What sort of volunteer activities do high school students in a senior center?

We Answered:

You can help serve lunch, and fetch drinks, napkins, etc.
You can play Bingo.
Read to someone who can't.
Take someone in a wheelchair for a walk outside.
Help with arts and crafts.
Just talk to them, some don't have a lot of company at home. And you will probably enjoy the conversation just as much as they do.

Myrtle Said:

Get to know each other activities for high school students?

We Answered:

Have all the students write 10 things unique about themselves on a card then someone reads it off and everyone has to try to guess who the card was written by.

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