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After School Activities For High School Students

Nicole Said:

Are all nighters typical for high school students?

We Answered:

At my son's private prep high school, it's common that 9th graders will pull all nighters on occasion. They have tons and tons of homework, they can expect 5 - 6 hours of regular homework a night (they are warned before they apply), plus, add 2 - 3 hours for athletic practices/ games, or arts rehearsals, and then more time for projects. So do the math! My son is really academic, school is generally easy for him, but he's not having much free time.

So yep, unfortunately, it's something a lot of high school students go through. But you need to sleep and eat regularly. Try to figure out an efficient way to do your homework. Don't text or IM or Facebook during homework, it will take more time than the actually activity because you need to get your focus back which takes time, so it's a time killer. Set times when you are going to do school work, focus on your work, don't get distracted, that will help it go quicker. Set specific times to text, etc and then get back to work.

If you are super stressed, take the time to calm down. If you don't, it will take you longer to get your work done and it won't be your best work. So take 15 - 30 minutes to de-stress, it will be worth it.

Your brain continues to learn in your sleep (seriously!), sleep is important in the learning process. Getting sleep is often more productive than studying once your brain is overly tired.

Eat to keep your blood sugar steady so you don't have the typical teen meltdown. = ) Even if you don't feel hungry, but it seems like it is time for you to eat, try a little of something nutritious, like fruit, cheese or milk. Some people lose their appetite when they are stressed, and it can affect your work.

Hang in there. Good luck!

George Said:

After school activities for high school student?

We Answered:

Choir is year-round, in or out of school. So is band.

Victoria Said:

What are some questions high school students will ask for the school paper's Advice Column?

We Answered:

No offence but your questions are borring and not really something I would read in Highschool.

You should have more interesting yet apporpriate questions like

"my boyfriend is pushing me to have sex, how do I tell him I'm not ready"

"My best friend smokes how should I stop him"

I'm rushing the questions out but you get my point they should be more interesting than stuff about exams and school work because those things get answered by teachers and parents all the time

Its the questions that students can't ask their parents about, those are the topics you should be covering, (sex, drugs, alchol, smoking, period, pregnancy, etc.)

Claude Said:

High School students: Whats your daily routine?

We Answered:

- I get up around 5:30am. My mum wakes me up before she leaves for work.

- Lay in bed for about ten minutes after waking up, get up, get uniform, go upstairs and shower (my rooms in the basement), get changed, brush teeth, grab a nutrigrain bar (or whatever breakfast snack we have), and go to catch the bus for 6:30-6:40 (depending).

- Technically you can get in around 7:15, but you don't have to be to homeroom until 7:40.

- This year: English 12 AP, US History AP, Psychology, Creative Writing II, Chemistry, Botany & Ecology, Photography II.

- I'm on the editing board for our school's lit. magazine which occasionally will require afterschool time; also a part of key club, and going out for the Shakespeare play in fall which requires two-three weeks of after school until 6-8pm time.

- I do my homework usually after dinner, so around 5:30pm. And it usually takes me to about 6:30-7:00, so then I can relax and play my laptop for a while.

- Eat snack maybe, make sure all my homework and school stuff is back in my bag (I have a bad habit of forgetting something), make sure I have a uniform clean for the next day and if I don't I need to wash which keeps me up for another half hour; crawl into bed, watch Disney because the shows that are on later (Life with Derek, Wizards of Waverly Place, Thats So Raven are my guilty pleasures XD)

- 12 grade in highschool.

- I usually try to go to bed around 10:00 pm, but I tend to get distracted by online things, so I usually crawl into bed around 11-11:30.

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