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All High School

Sherry Said:

When are All State High School Football teams posted in the newpaper?

We Answered:

after state championships

Ramona Said:

Can an team of All Star high school boys beat the women's UConn college basketball team?

We Answered:

depends on the quality of the AllStar team.....some yes, others no

Kay Said:

Is it possible to balance a high school cheer team and an all star cheer team?

We Answered:

A lot of girls on my high school team are also on an all star team. I haven't done it, but I did do club gymnastics (which was 26 hours of practice a week), plus school gymnastics and school cheer last year... plus took all honors classes. I was busy, but it wasn't too much. It just depends on what you can handle. I say go for it. You'll never know if you don't give it a try!

Christy Said:

Why do all high school students think it's vitally important to be in a relationship?

We Answered:

No idea. Lol

Jay Said:

How to carry all books in high school?

We Answered:

I go to my locker after every class i have 5 mins between classesso its pretty easy.If i had to carry all my books i'd die just die i mean as in fallin down stairs backwards lol i'm really tiny so carry a bag with allmy books is disastrous for me

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