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Architecture Summer Programs For High School Students

Viola Said:

Financial aid for high school student that wants to study abroad in summer 2009?

We Answered:

High school Study Abroad Financing is the answer.....

For summer high school summer abroad programs, some sources of funding are available. If you have already graduated high school, and plan on enrolling in college the next fall semester, the college study abroad financing information applies to you.

Alternative Student Loan: The Alternative Student Loan is available for students k-12. It comes from It is a credit based loan and the FAFSA is not necessary. It allows a loan up to $30,000 a year which would suffice for any summer abroad study program. The minimum is $1,500.

Repayment of these loans start immediately, and there are no prepayment penalties. There is an origination fee of 6%, and the APR, Annual Percentage Rate, is around 9%.
One benefit of this loan is that the payments will be payed directly to you. Another is that if you are in a time crunch, these loans can be processed in 5 days.

Other Private Loans: You may be able to find other private loans available to finance your study abroad. These will probably be very similar to the Alternative Student Loan above.
The only other form of financing that you may be able to find is through scholarships. Some study abroad programs may offer forms of financial aid to you also

Ruben Said:

architecture portfolio? HELP.?

We Answered:

Ive worked in architecture field for the past few years and have just re-applied to college myself as I wish to get another qualification, I'm applying in the UK but they have similar portfolio guidelines as some of the colleges you have listed. The best advice I give is either get a camera and go out around taking pictures of interesting details on buildings, or any architecture in your area, and sketch them using various mediums) . I personally have a study of different rooms/ spaces/ detailing of a museum in my area using different techniques etc.Then I did a charcoal one of the exterior and the architect I work with said he could see no reason why they wouldn't be sucessful, ( he works as a CAD and draughting lecturer in a different college and participates in interviewing students there)

basically just show some works that prove you have an interest in architecture

Mary Said:

Chances of Getting Into Cornell?

We Answered:

take a look at actual students reviews to see what they said you needed to get in:

Sandra Said:

What are my chances at the following colleges?

We Answered:

come to GW...its the **** son!!!!!!

just make sure you get a scholarship cause its not worth 50,000+ grand...thats what im paying :(

youll love dc

Andre Said:

Can I get in to a prestigious university?

We Answered:

Relax and enjoy life

John Said:

How do i get accepted into cornell?

We Answered:

The best thing to do is go to Cornell's website ( and if you can, visit the campus and talk to students there! Also visit for the general requirements, for student perspective, and for more information about specific schools and applying to them.

Also, being Asian is definitely not a setback. It is actually a plus! Many times, when a white person's application is similar to an asian's (or other minority's) application, they will choose the minority because they like diversity. So, it's actually a plus that you are Asian. I don't know where you heard that was a setback, but it is a lie. :-)

You do not have to know a Cornell alumni or any school alumni for a good letter of rec. They want a letter of rec from a teacher, or counselor, etc. that knows you well.

As for that outgoing popular quality, you don't need it! Not everyone at Ivy Leagues are super outgoing and presidents of their schools. They get there because they have a passion and personality and that doesn't mean typical cheerleader passion/personality. They want to see that you are a unique individual.

I don't know too much specifically about Cornell, but for any and every Ivy League/top notch school, they want to see that you have a strong character and passion. Do some research on the specific schools and figure out why you want to go there, and why you'd be a great asset to their school.

And remember, Ivy Leagues and top-ranked schools are not necessarily the best schools. It's an (Asian) misconception that those are the only schools that are really great. Check out small schools like UMass Amherst, Swarthmore. And if you like big schools, there are so many other ones out there besides the Ivy Leagues. I had a friend who went to Yale, and after she graduated, she didn't know what to do because she didn't really focus herself. No matter what school you go to, it's your responsibility to take advantage of internships, extracurricular activities, etc. to be truly successful. So don't get caught up in the 2400 SAT, 4.0 GPA, Ivy League craze/hype. You can be just as successful if you go to a state school, etc. :)

Best of luck and just be yourself! :)

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