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Art Contests For High School Students

Elizabeth Said:

I'm going to be a freshman in high school this year and I'm nervous about getting good grades?

We Answered:

Just try your hardest, hun! I'm going to be a senior this year in high school, and as long as you study hard and actually do your homework, you will be fine!

Grove City is a religious college, so I'm sure they will love that you're an altar server! Most colleges look for a good GPA (grade point average on a 4.0 scale), so shoot for AT LEAST 3.0. They may also ask for a college application essay, but you don't need to worry about that for a couple of years. And when the time comes, your english teachers will be more than happy to help you write one.

Don't engage in too many activities, though. You'll still need time to yourself to unwind, relax, and hangout with friends.

Feel free to email me if you have any other questions about high school and college!!

Edna Said:

is it possible to get a scholarship for BFA in Painting via online?

We Answered:

Well, if you are a good writer, there is an essay scholarship contest going on at

Penny Said:

What are my chances of getting into Harvard or an Ivy League School?

We Answered:

I think it's fabulous that you're already thinking through what you want to do and where you want to go for school, but you also need to enjoy the present and not just focus on the future.

I noticed that one of the other answers mentioned a 33 ACT getting a big scholarship. That doesn't really happen anymore unless you have financial need or you go to a small school because schools are the most competitive that they've ever been. How do I know that? I got a 34 ACT and received absolutely nothing because of my parents' financial situation. Due to the current economic and job crisis in the US, students are focusing more on their education, resulting in greater competition.

I apologize because I can't give you a straight answer for whether or not you'll be accepted to Harvard. When you get to college, you'll find that some of the different picks are actually quite shocking. I'm currently in the honors program at U of M (often called the Harvard of the West). U of M was the only school that I applied to because I knew that it was right in every way for me (I got in with early admissions... I'm not totally insane and I would NOT recommend only applying to one school). You seem to think that the Ivy Leagues are perfect for you. My question, however, is whether or not you've looked into the different classes/majors/communities so that you can know that these schools are more than just prestigious and that they're right for you. I've encountered many college students that are unhappy with their college choice, so don't make this decision just because you've heard good things or your family members have gone there. One final thing, I promise. If you work as hard as you can and still don't get into Harvard or whatever school you want to go to, then it's not the right school for you. People often forget that.

If you still want stats and such for Harvard, go check out their freshman class profile on their website. That info can tell you a lot about what schools are looking for (GPA, extracurriculars, SAT, ACT, and, of course, the SAT 2s that you need for Ivy Leagues)

Tara Said:

i need help making an outline?

We Answered:

Outline for Scholarship Application Essay

I. My Purpose in Applying for NAMTA
A. My financial need
B. My use of the assistance

II. Impact of Art on my Life
A. Art is form of human expression
B. Art conveys a message that words alone can not
C. The kinds of message I create in my art
D. How creating art has affected me

III. How I can Contribute to Society through Art
A. I will teach children art
B. I hope they will learn a new type of self-discovery
i. Emotional enhancement --Joy through art
ii. Enhancing human potential--Freedom through art

I embellished what you did. Can you give it a try. I'll do some more if you want help

Leroy Said:

Do I Have A Chance Getting Into An Ivy League School?

We Answered:

Yes, you do. Your SAT scores should be at least 1950, for a better chance aim for at least 2100. Are you a minority? That also greatly increases your chances. Top universities look for people who can change the world and make them look good, and they want diversity on the campus. What can you do that's DIFFERENT from the rest? Have you created any, or do you lead any notable groups at school? Have you invented anything interesting? They want to know how you can change the world with what you're good at. Good luck!

Reginald Said:

What types of activities and fun things could you do for a Earth Day Celebration?

We Answered:

here's some ideas....... hide a bunch of cans and water bottles and hide them in a big area, then the students are split in 2 teams, you give each team recycling bins and who ever finds the most bottles and cans wins (all the bottles and cans will be recycled)
2.give everyone recycling bins to recycle things that have been littered and who ever can recycle the most litter wins.
well i can't think of anymore! LoL hope i helped and good-luck! :)

Ben Said:

Are these high school classes good enough for pre-med or Ivy League?

We Answered:

Yes all of these classes would get you into any Ivy you want if you can keep up your grades and not go insane. No offense but super woman couldn't get the grades you'll need to get into Ivy schools with all those classes and activities. You won't have time to breath let alone join the newspaper staff, tutor kids, snowboard or anything else. I admire your ambition but you can't do all that stuff. You'll burn out by your Junior year. I used to want to go to an Ivy school and go into medicine. I overloaded myself and couldn't stay on the soccer team or get all A's. Now, as a senior, I'm only taking classes I really enjoy and I do well in them. My career ambitions have completely changed and I will happily attend USC next year.

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