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Art Projects For High School Students

Tiffany Said:

Art volunteer for kids with disabilities?

We Answered:

The Down Syndrome Association of Houston is looking for someone to help the kids with crafts all summer. This sounds like art to me! Thank you for caring.

Sam Said:

I'm a high school art teacher. I need to find a variety of copyright-free photos of animals of the world. Help

We Answered:

This is one place to find royalty free/copyright free images. They have a plethora to choose from. I believe you can download up to 1000 images per day:

Try also:

The following link from Stanford University has some excellent guidelines to follow as far as reproducing images, written works, etc., within an educational setting (if you are not sure):…

Victoria Said:

Teenagers - what art projects are fun for you?

We Answered:

Well with a limitation of supplies, it crosses out a lot of the reason I enjoyed art in high school. She kept the assignments very varied and we always used a different medium for each assignment.

So I guess I'd say just keep the projects rather open. Encourage them to draw what they are interested in.

You can do things like figure drawing. Having a student pose on top the desk while everyone draws them.

Or tell them to bring in a photo they want to draw. And have a few magazines kids can cut out of if they didn't bring a photo in.

And if you can manage to get a buch of magazines with lots of pictures. One assigment I remember doing was making a collage with magazine pictures, and then drawing the collage.

One thing I didn't enjoy in high school, was how we would spend two - three weeks on assigments. They felt like they would never end and it's really boring to work so long a picture that's the teachers idea, not yours.

Sherry Said:

I am an art 4 student in high school and i need 3 political issues?

We Answered:

You could really cause some havok by talking about the Federal Reserve system.

I don't want to tell you what to do, but I think if you do a little reading in this direction, you will be amazed at what you learn.

It's not nearly as boring as it may appear on the surface. Dig 1 foot deep and you might not be able to sleep for a few nights.

Anna Said:

What can be a theme for art projects?

We Answered:

a theme could be a faerie tale, but a twisted one, maybe a little dark romance to it? or maybe something like completely random, with the color scheme as the thing tying it all together, or maybe something, random again, but with a background designed as maybe a paint splatter, a gnarled up tree, newspaper? im really sorry if i misunderstood your question or if you didn't like my answer.

Sally Said:

I am a high school student who wants to become an architect. Any advice or project ideas for my portfolio? ?

We Answered:

Don't worry about drafting or CAD, those are skills that you will be able to learn in college. Your portfolio should be more based on your creativity.

Most people don't realize that there is a huge art component to architecture school. If your portfolio is heavy on sketching and painting, that probably isn't a bad thing. If you haven't already, go out and start sketching buildings. If there aren't any interesting buildings where you live, go to the library and take out some good architectural books and sketch from the photos (no tracing!).

If you want to get some computer design in, go download SketchUp and try building models, start with your own house.

I didn't have to submit a portfolio from high school to get into architecture school. When I was in high school, I thought taking drafting classes would be important, which is what I did. However, if I were to do it all over again, I would have taken more art classes and less technical classes.

Creativity is something that needs to be cultivated while the technical things can be learned.

Good luck.

Colleen Said:

What kinds of projects and fundraisers could i do with my art club.?

We Answered:

maybe you could have a student art gallery, and have all the students and teachers throughout the school come by and look at the students work, and they could buy their peices. Or you could charge an admittance fee and serve refreshments.

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