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Art Scholarships For High School Students

Jeffery Said:

What colleges offer FULL scholarships based on portfolios in visual arts?

We Answered:

You can get info about such college scholarships and grants online here -

Sherri Said:

High School in England?

We Answered:

take my advice as one of the denizens of england- don't.

Amy Said:

How can I improve my art skills in two years? Is 85% good?

We Answered:

Hi Finch! Sounds like you are on the right track at this point. I would suggest viewing different web sites regarding drawing to learn techniques and follow any tutorials given on the sites. Some sites give more information and illustrations than others, so be selective and choose the sites that seem to be more informative. You have access to a computer so this shouldn't be a problem. The main way to improve is to practise more and more. Don't neglect your other studies, but try to devote two hours to drawing practise every day. This doesn't have to be two consecutive hours; sometimes breaking it up into two sessions is better so that during the second session you can review what you have worked on in the first session with a fresh perspective. Date your drawings so you can monitor your progress. Try to look through any books regarding drawing that your local library or school library has. You can learn a lot by going through these books. Take notes to refer to at a later time. You mention that all you have are graphite pencils and that is fine. Right now, you want to perfect your drawing techniques, so pencils and paper are all you really need. At some point, you will want to branch out and bring in colour. Start off with coloured pencils as they are relatively inexpensive. As you progress, you will want to start getting artist quality coloured pencils. If your town does not have a store with a good art supply section, look at online vendors. It's a good idea to look at these web sites even if you are not making a purchase since they often have newsletters or art information on the site as well. Look through what is available in art supplies and start a wish list. Maybe for birthdays and other holidays, you could ask for art supplies or start saving any money you make from odd jobs and such to put towards purchasing what you need. You mention that your grandfather teaches at a school, is this in another town or city that has an art supply store? Sometimes art supply stores will offer discounts to teachers as an incentive to shop in their store. If so, maybe your grandfather can get some advice from his art colleague and pick up some supplies for you if you send him the money. You're going to be okay so don't stress over what you don't have. What you do have is raw talent that is waiting to be honed into an impressive skill and you are working on that right now. Don't get discouraged! Just keep on practising and you will be on your way to art classes with that scholarship. I believe in you, so does your grandfather and the art teacher. The big question that remains unanswered is how much do you believe in yourself. Take care and keep practising!

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