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Art Summer Programs For High School Students

Dave Said:

What is a good way to earn some cash? i want to go to this summer program and its kinda pricey any ideas?

We Answered:

dress bummy and stand on the corner wit a sign. They be gettin paid. i hate them. i always see ppl givin them like 20 dolars for nothing. im sure they will give a student with real goals money.

Glen Said:

please please help me find a study abroad program?

We Answered:

you can find it!!!
but your problem is that you are looking at programs. they overcharge you for stuff you can do.

do a search for language schools. also try emailing schools in france. all a program does is find you a school. find a list of school's and just email them. tell them you are american and want to come study. you will be suprised how much they will try to help you find families, classes and everything.

Also try searching for programs for french students. your looking for a summer art camp? We have em in america, they have em for french kids. Just apply to those. then you will be with local french ppl and it be cheap and well you would be teh only american!!

Anthony Said:

Chance me for UVA please :)?

We Answered:

Your chances are a little above average for a in state citizen. So you might very well get accepted.

If your out of state, than your chances are dead.

Good luck

Jenny Said:

What are my chances of getting into an Ivy League school?

We Answered:

Hi! I'm from NC also. (: I think you have a chance, but not necessarily a good chance. My best friend had a 3.9 GPA (4.67 weighted), Governor's School, vice president of Beta Club, president of Book Club, 2280/2400 SAT score, 6 total AP classes with 5s on all of them. She only got one B in her entire high school career. 2nd generation student, white, rural southern town and very competitive high school. Despite all of this, she was rejected from Yale AND even Duke. So, I think you have good grades, but you really need to do something ridiculously amazing in terms of extra-curricular activities that no other student or very few students would have done (like raising $10,000 for charity or something). So perhaps consider doing something like that to help boost your chances. Otherwise, keep doing what you're doing - take AP/honors classes and do well in them and on the AP exams. Get your GPA as high as possible. And lastly, remember you can always transfer in to one of these universities if you're rejected as a freshman applicant. Hope this helped!

Ted Said:

Here are all my stats for high school. What are my college chances?

We Answered:

If you don't go to an Ivy, you have a good chance to participate in the Hutton Honors College at IU.

You might also consider some other fine schools in the midwest such as Michigan, Wisconsin, U. Chicago, Notre Dame, Wabash (assuming you are a guy), Wheaton, Hope and Earlham.

Byron Said:

why do we have to take so many classes in school?

We Answered:

for your all round development!!

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