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Articles For High School Students

Jerome Said:

Is internet a useful tool for high school students?

We Answered:…

Mabel Said:

What are some interesting articles that students of school newspaper can write about for the Culture section?

We Answered:

Dance. Talk about dance.
Or international food.
Ever tried plaintain? or paneer tikka?
Unless you're from some hick town
then i guess you could talk about tractors and stuff

Constance Said:

Which states test high school students for steroids?

We Answered:

i Know Texas does
and i do know Illinois is starting son with testing
and so is others might have something on this
Illinois High School Association

Perry Said:

FOR HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS - should cafeterias be offering more healthy choices?

We Answered:

cafeterias are going to serve what the students will buy. if nobody buys the healthy options, they won't continue to offer them. most kids, when given a choice, are going to choose a slice of pizza over a veggie burger. that's just the way it goes. supply and demand. if enough people in your school are looking for these healthier options then i'm sure they can be persuaded to make the change.

Leon Said:

Looking for scholarly journal articles concerning Learning Disabled (LD) students after high school?

We Answered:

check out these sites

Peggy Said:

whats a good way to open up a school article about students graduating to high ranked colleges such as harvard

We Answered:

Our highest ranked students are invited to full ride scholarships at Ivy League Schools! This means there is hope for the rest of us yet.

When you say you have to write an article "for students who've been admitted into high ranked colleges" its a bit different from the general student population. I wanted to point that out.

edit I am laughing at myself right now

Patrick Said:

Does anyone think that the punishment for the Jina6 high school students was too cruel for their actions?

We Answered:

Yes. The punishment did not fit the crime. They should have been charged with assault and battery or something other than attempted murder.

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