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At Risk High School Students

Vernon Said:

Any advice on teaching "at risk" high school students?

We Answered:

Don't lower your expectations of the kids simply because they're at risk. This is something that is done to them their whole lives, and it does them NO good. Keep your expectations high yet practical. You may need to limit the amount of homework you assign and spend some of the class helping students with independent work that you would normally assign for homework. Be supportive and open to their concerns. Your first year will undoubtedly be rough with this group of kids, but it will make you a much stronger teacher as a result. Best wishes!

Glenn Said:

What do at-risk high school readers need?

We Answered:

get them to read the newspaper. they will at least learn something.

Gertrude Said:

Teaching Position at a High Risk School...?

We Answered:

Depending on where you achieved your BA degree and teaching certificate, your college should have a placement office. In that placement office, you would be entitled to go back to them as a graduate student and they should provide you with some listings where you can call or make appointments for interviews.

That has been my experience having worked at three public universities and one private university. Although a private university may not have a placement office,

Some other sources for jobs would be in private teacher placement businesses but if you can avoid them, please avoid them. Some take a percentage of your salary for all the time that you work at the school or in the school district. You would find that those private businesses engaged in the placement of teachers are pretty brutal. They will bleed your salary so that you feel that you have nothing left. You begin to feel like you are working to pay them. Not such a good feeling to have.

Try joining the state teachers organization. When you become a member, they can by work of mouth provide you with information that will lead to a full-time teaching position.

Also there are teacher positions in certain magazines and journal written for teachers. Do not use the newspapers unless you get very desperate. The newspapers have the difficult jobs listed like the job you currently have. You seem like a capable, level headed teacher, and I am sure that you will find another better job. Good luck.

Debbie Said:

risk of high school dropout?

We Answered:

your race doesn't determine any of those things, your thinking of it backwards. High school dropouts do so for their own personal reason, their race is not a factor and just a statistic of their ethnicity and cultural background. The actions leading up to, and the decision to drop out of high school is the responsibility of that individual, and any attempt to pin it on race is a disgraceful attempt to not acknowledge one's own actions.

Ted Said:

Should high school students that pose a high risk of dropping out be pulled out of public school and put into?

We Answered:

yes, they have a long life to live ahead of them (im only 13, still in m.s.)

Judith Said:

Optimizing a desktop computer and explaining its virtues to at-risk high school students?

We Answered:

To fully utilize the power of ones computer, including unused CPU cycles, there are projects like CPU share and folding@home.

The layman can best understand CPUs by analogy, although it depends on the person. Some will best understand a computers' power by making an analogy to an automobile and engine; others would best understand an analogy to the human mind.

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