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Athletic Scholarships For High School Students

Marion Said:

she doesn't want to except her athletic scholarships.....?

We Answered:

I'm not totally sure what the question is?

Is your daughter telling you that even though she enjoyed and excelled at track in high school, she doesn't want to be in competitive sports in college? Or is she saying she doesn't like some of these coaches or schools? Or is she saying she's worried that the being committed to athletics will make it difficult to do the studies she wants to do? Or is she telling you that you are pushing too hard and it is her life and her decision?

Some of my very best students have been athletes--especially from "individual" sports like track, gymnastics, and swimming. They are probably better students because of their sport--the discipline, the regular routine, the emphasis on being active, healthy, and eating a good diet. And they have the coaches, trainers, and team mates for an extra support group.

The coaches at my university are very concerned about the academic achievements for their students. They are as flexible as possible with scheduling practices, and they are good at letting students and faculty know schedules well in advance.

But the coach and the attitude can be dramatically different from one place to the next. If she isn't comfortable with any of these coaches, maybe she needs to look at other schools and find a place that does feel right to her--especially if the scholarships are critical.

If the real issue is that she's feeling pressured rather than supported by you--that is something the two of you need to discuss because your job now is to encourage her and help her make good decisions on her own so she is gaining control of her own life.

Eleanor Said:

Ivy League Students/Scholarships (= !?

We Answered:

Ivy League schools DO NOT offer merit-based aid; however, they all have very impressive need-based aid, especially Princeton.

Getting into an Ivy League school or any other highly selective school requires taking the most rigorous curriculum offered at your school and excelling in it.

Community service isn't a necessity for getting into one of these schools, but you do need to be very involved within your school and community in some way. Do the things you enjoy doing. Don't do things just to get into college.

Wayne Said:

How do athletes get into top notched prestige universities?

We Answered:…

i would imagine other institutions have a similar policy.

Louise Said:

How do athletes get into such top notched prestige universities?

We Answered:

Desean Jackson was probably just nervous talking to the media. Well, they do have to score well enough on the SATs, and nobody said you have to major in something difficult. Plus, college athletics makes a lot of money for the universities, that's just the truth...So a lot of them have tutors.

Perry Said:

What type of scholarships (full or partial) are there for college?

We Answered:

Below is a website called which is a GREAT college website that can assist you in receiving grants or scholarships. This website is free and reliable and many colleges and universities around the US recognize this website for scholarships, college searching, major selection and more.

Do not neglect your local resources. Your high school may give away scholarships as well as your town and if you are employed, employers may give scholarships. Even your parents or family members who work for specific companies may have rights to scholarships to you as well. Think about the clubs and activities that you are apart of, some of the larger ones, such as Key Club International offer scholarships (Key Club International gives away two scholarships that pay FULL tuition for a college of your choice for four years.) These are great places to look and see if you are eligible.

Again, below is what is found on where you can submit your information and they will pair you up with scholarships that you are eligible for.…

Welcome to the College Board's Scholarship Search!

We created this online tool to help you locate scholarships, internships, grants, and loans that match your education level, talents, and background. Complete the brief questionnaire and Scholarship Search will find potential opportunities from our database of more than 2,300 sources of college funding, totaling nearly $3 BILLION in available aid!

Keep in mind that the more accountal information you enter, the better the odds that Scholarship Search will be able to match you to financial aid sources. So don't be shy and be sure to complete all the sections of the questionnaire.

All of the scholarship information is based on the College Board's Annual Survey of Financial Aid Programs, which is mailed out to over 1,200 sponsoring organizations each year. The information you see was collected in the Spring of 2008. If you'd like to participate in the survey or need to update your scholarship information.

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