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Awards For High School Students

Victoria Said:

How does your high school award the TOP TEN students at graduation?

We Answered:


Nor does Oxford University (they tell the top student _privately_ that they were top and that's it). So they were in good company.

Surely you have been recognised. You'll have got into a decent college.

Vicki Said:

High School History Awards?

We Answered:

I would start by asking your history teacher. They should have access to that information.

Claude Said:

Whos who among american high school students award?

We Answered:

It's a scam. You pay to get listed, and then they want you to buy an overpriced copy of the book. If there are any scholarships, very few of the people who apply actually get them. Don't get taken in. If you list that on a college application, they will probably laugh and write you off as too gullible.

Ben Said:

High school history awards?

We Answered:

If I were you I'd talk to a teacher at your school and see what they think you should do.

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