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Gail Said:

Do you think I could get into these University's?

We Answered:

You keep posting this question over and over, and then not even selecting a best answer. Why?

Also, you might want to differentiate between the plural (universities) and possessive (university's) if you want to get into college. And why are you asking us our opinions when you already have all the admissions data right there for yourself?

Guy Said:

Which University's do you think I could get into?

We Answered:

You seem awesome! You probably can get into any college you want! Good luck!!

Justin Said:

Which University's out of these do you think I could get into?

We Answered:

I'd say you're a very solid candidate, you are involved in many different activities and have pretty good overall grades. There is no "minimum" to get into any college, someone with a GPA of 2.5 could apply to Harvard, not that it'd be looked at. UNless the school specifically states they require a GPA of X, it's just a number.

Get a good SAT/ACT score when you take those, try to take some higher level classes, and get leadership positions in what you do. Best of luck.

Katrina Said:

Am I at a good pace for leadership experience to be admitted to a service academy?

We Answered:

Keep up good grades, your leadership stuff (a JROTC may not be a bad idea). Then, most important, cozy up to your congress person. None gets into an academy without a letter from a senator or representative. Be the creme-de-la-creme and get lots of recommendation letters.

Evelyn Said:

Do you think I could get into this University?

We Answered:

As long as you keep up the GPA and have a good score on the SAT then I think you will be okay. :)

Good luck with everything.

Toni Said:

Which University do you prefer?

We Answered:

Your extracurriculars are good but you really need to get the GPA up. It all kind of depends on your SAT/ACT scores.

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