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Best Jobs For High School Students

Jennie Said:

What are the best jobs for a High School student?

We Answered:

lol 5 bucks a week. and I thought my 20 bucks a week allowance was bad lol. You can try working in a department store or a grocery store, Im working in a hospital this summer so you can try that. You can try a museum and an aquarium or maybe even babysitting.

Enrique Said:

the best holiday job for a high school student in town?

We Answered:

Most larger shops like Woolworthes, Pak n Save, Warehouse, Farmers, etc take on extra part-timers for the Christmas holidays, so I'd go talk to the manager at your local shops.

You could also do fruit or vege picking. Berry season is coming up and stone fruit in January.

Local factories also need extra workers coming up to Christmas. I worked for Coca Cola in my holidays a few years back for a few weeks before Christmas.

You need to work when they want you to. There isn't alot of flexible part-time jobs or casual work around for students unfortunately.

How about collecting all your families junk together and having a garage sale or selling it on Trademe.

Jo Said:

what are the best jobs for a high school student?

We Answered:

I think a clothing/dept store or a restuarant would be ideal places too work. They often give discounts to employees. That would help with financing your necessities(food, clothes, etc.)

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