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Black College Tours For High School Students

Joshua Said:

I'm the "black sheep" of my family, and they are planning a reunion. Spiritually Speaking, Should I attend?

We Answered:

Wow, you've done well for yourself, all things considered.

Some other perspectives for you to consider in this, should you go:
1. Has your husband seen firsthand the family situation? If he observes what's going on at the reunion, he might better support you in the long run, as you seek to reconcile and restore relationships with your family.
2. Your grandma/ma - if you have gotten stuff from your aunts - has probably gotten some things from them, too.... Your grandma has also been through a lot, and thanks to your mother's weird behaviour. Give her some slack as she responds to you.
3. If you do go and based on what you have stated you have tried to do to restore relationships, remember this:
Biblically, the offended party (God) is the one who reaches out to the offender (Humanity) and seeks to reconcile them to Himself (Salvation and Relationship with God). In return, God is shunned and crucified by His creation, but He loves them nonetheless.
So, you're following and participating in Christ and His way as you walk this path that God has had you on. Do and Be like Christ, too: Ask God the Father for His Holy Spirit to take the lashes of the whip, the mockery, and the insults, and - by His Holy Spirit - speak the same words Christ did on the cross: "Father, forgive them for they know not what they do".
As you rest in Christ, trust that He will move and restore things in His way, and will raise you and your family up - little by little, or in one gigantic swoop - as He sees fit.

Veronica Said:

Why do I want to End my Life?

We Answered:

Charles, something within you has called you to the art of screenwriting; unfortunately, it's no easy task.

You have great aspirations and your passion and obvious ability have caused you to expect too much of yourself; however, I do understand this - you've been working so hard for so long that even though it seems from your details that you're making progress, all you can see are your failings.

Here are some positives that I've got from your post:

-You're well educated.
-You're intelligent.
-You're creative.
-You're employed.
-You have plans for your future.

These things might not seem like everything you want or need in your life, but for now at least can you consider that you have enough? And think: what an interesting character you make! Maybe you can use this low for character analysis in the future. If you've reached the depths of despair, your understanding of the human condition can only be heightened, thus giving you an insight into creating more realistic characters and scenarios that your future readers/watchers will identify with.

Even if this doesn't answer your question, take heart from the knowledge that right now even though you're alone in your personal suffering, others are experiencing similar crises and know the frustrations of ambition unfulfilled...

PS can I please please please read your comedy book? (friend me. I dare you.)

Allan Said:

I'm the "black sheep" of my family, and they are planning a reunion. Should I attend?

We Answered:

Are you kidding me! I wish i could be more like you your amazing, Don't even bother going there is nothing worst than being somewhere where you are not accepted or feel uncomfortable . I wouldn't bother putting time and energy into something that's going to hurt your feelings. However I would get all that time and energy and go somewhere with your two Beautifully kids great husband who have always been there for you and take a trip together . They are extremely jealous of you don't bother your the stronger person!

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