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Bursaries For High School Students

Albert Said:

Tagline for 1920 cruise themed Gala?

We Answered:

A journey of a lifetime.

Benjamin Said:

I'm from the United Kingdom, and I need to know about my rights in America, in terms of university.?

We Answered:

You will not be eligible for financial aid. As an international student it is considered your CHOICE to come to the US for your education so it is YOUR responsibility to finance it.

If you go to any American university's financial aid website you will see much about something called the FAFSA. You are not able to complete a FAFSA to get financial aid as you are not a citizen or permanent resident. Most uni's will also say outright that they do NOT offer scholarships to international students. For this reason very few UK students can afford to attend university in the US for their entire degrees. It will cost well and above $100,000 for a 4 year bachelor's degree.

If money is an issue look into private liberal arts colleges/universities in the Midwest and Southern states as they can sometimes offer scholarships to international students to increase their 'diversity;.

Sue Said:

Acceptance into University!?

We Answered:

To get into one of those Ivy league school, you must show promise. What i mean is that they know for sure that you will succeed in their school as well as in life. As long as you show potential and promise, you should get in. But of course you still have to have extraordinary grades in H.S.

I know one High school student who wrote a book and had it published so when he applied to these Ivy leagues, he gave his book with his application and recommendations. He got accepted into almost every ivy league school he applied to. You don't have to do this, just show that you can succeed in their school.

As for the scholarship part, file for FAFSA in senior year of H.S. You should get some financial aid. Also check with your parents employer. They might give scholarships.

Good Luck
: )

Andre Said:

Sylvia Young Theatre School?

We Answered:

Sylvia Young is obviously a very high performing arts school. If you attend classes in performing arts its the easiest way to find if you will be perfect for this school. Experience in singing and other performance is essential. A scholarship is likely to be given after a meeting. They will set up a meeting and discuss your parents current financial state. My friend has just got a scholarship at Tring Park so its pretty much the same thing. You may have to appeal for a scholarship but the place will be dependant on your audtition so you have to really put yourself out. Sometimes its not just about your ability its your technique so some private dance classes would be a good way to develop your skills.

Yvonne Said:

HELP! PLEASE! I am a high school student that has one year left.I am looking for scholarships to apply for.?

We Answered:

The best place to start your search is by joining several free membership scholarship search websites. All you need to do is enter a profile, and it will search for scholarships matching it. It is never too early to start searching for scholarships. Just remember to proofread your essays for grammar and spelling before submitting. Also, pay attention to the deadlines. I have included some free resources below.

Alice Said:

Who and What companies can I contact inconection with bursaries, to further my studies. As a charter accountan

We Answered:

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