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Business Summer Programs For High School Students

Peter Said:

UC Application question?

We Answered:

Edu Prep Program. That's a good one too.

Maria Said:

high school computer credit?

We Answered:

You can always do an independent study. You can get the full credit without having to go to class. It involves a lot of homework but it means you can take another class without having to find time in your school schedule. Talk to your guidance office and they can sign you up for one. Good luck:)

Margie Said:

high school internship!!?

We Answered:

dunno but if you find out, let me know. im the same.

Tracey Said:

What are some possible colleges to pursue?

We Answered:

Your high school is prepared for "clueless" students! Someone (college/career counselor, regular counselor librarian) has a huge fat book with information on a bazillion colleges. You may be able to check it out; you will at least be able to look at it. You can also go to a big bookstore. Look for colleges whose profile of incoming frosh kind of matches you and which have the majors, extracurriculars, and location that you want. Go online to those colleges and contact the admissions office. Ask them to send you information. this same counselor will be able to answer most of your other college questions.

Talk to your teachers, friends of your parents, your boss--anyone who went to college, especially if they majored in something that interests you. You will get some good information (things they wish they'd known) and maybe even a contact or two. Think of doing an "internship" (even unpaid) with someone in a field that interests you.

You didn't mention community service--many colleges and scholarship donors look for students who do community service. Pick something that is meaningful for you--teaching computer skills at the senior center or Boys & Girls Club, writing a program to help a non-profit organization in your area, etc.

Go to college fairs in your area. Your school can tell you when/where they are. Talk to the college reps and attend workshops--there's usually one that helps you pick a college.

Make plans to take the SAT or ACT if the colleges you are interested in require them.

Web sites to read very carefully:,,, These are very reputable sites, but there are people out there who will try to take advantage of your "cluelessness."

Tell your parents that they will have to turn in a copy of their tax return forms when you apply for financial aid. Go to, read what it says there, and tell your parents to read it.

One tip: In every contact you have with colleges, be sure to put your best foot forward--be neat and punctual for interviews, spell-check all your letters and e-mails, be upbeat and positive, ask intelligent questions. (Not "Do you have a major in computer programming?"--All that does is show that you didn't read their information!

Good luck--and remember, there's no "best" college, only one that's best for you.

Susan Said:

Can I get into college?

We Answered:

Without being sarcastic :P, I think you have high hopes of getting into your listed schools. There are only a handful of kids that can score above 2100.

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