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Career Choices For High School Students

Minnie Said:

Career Advice for high school student planning on military academy?

We Answered:

It's too early to worry about picking a major yet, it's almost too early to even begin worrying about college.

For now, focus on high school and doing as well as you can. Continue to get good grades, take the advanced classes, participate in sports, volunteer and be involved in your community. Do that, you'll be able to get in wherever you choose, USCGA or elsewhere. Once there, you can worry about major. At USCGA, all 4/c cadets (freshman) take basically the same thing the first year, regardless of major. You don't even really have to pick 'til your sophomore year.

If you are interested in USCGA, be sure to apply to AIM around this time next year. You attend USCGA for a week in the summer in between your junior and senior year. It'll help you be sure it's for you, as well as look good on your application the following year.

Past USCGA, be it police or politics - it's way, way, way too early to worry about that! Enjoy life, high school, getting your driver's license, all those things first.

Finally, it sounds like you may have already skipped a grade too, as 14 is young for a sophmore. Remember, you have to be at least 17 to start at USCGA. If that's the goal, don't bother with trying to skip any more.

Good luck!

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