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Career Guidance For High School Students

Marjorie Said:

What should i put these schools in order from 1 to 8 for NYC high schools ?

We Answered:

Well, I'm not a high school student, but I'm the mom of someone applying to high school this year. I am also a NYC public school teacher (though not at the high school level.)

The truth is no one but you can know how to rank these schools. If you have not yet visited these schools, you should take a tour or go to an open house for each school, and then you should write out a list of what YOU see as pros and cons to going to each school. Ask your parents for advice on what to consider as pros and cons. This will help you rank them in the order you want to go to them.

Some of the schools you have on your list are on my daughter's list, too. I know that she is ranking both Frank Sinatra and Beacon very high, as she liked both of these schools very much. But the truth is, you have to go to the school that is selected for you, so you need to decide what your priorities are.

BTW, from this list you sound like you are from Queens. You should know that Eleanor Roosevelt does not really take kids from outside Manhattan. It's not absolutely impossible for someone from Queens to get in (they are allowed to take kids from outside Manhattan) but the fact is, they get so many applicants from Manhattan, they have no seats left for anyone else. The admissions people at Eleanor Roosevelt pretty much told me this when I asked about it. (We are from Brooklyn.)

Good luck!

Ricardo Said:

career help for a high-school student?

We Answered:

Ok, slow down.
Right now your in the 9th grade. Your not expected to know your future career yet, so don't worry. Plus, you will discover your complete strengths by the 11th grade. You probably don't even know what you are actually good at. You haven't experienced many things yet. It takes time to discover what your truly capable of doing or becoming and high school provides enough oppurtunities/experiences for you to discover that over the years.

Moreover, if you think you will be better off pursuing a career in something which best resembles your interests, such has something to do with children, then stick to this choice and see whether or not its suitable for you over the next four years of high school.
You don't have interest in math and sciences right now; but, who knows, maybe you will begin to like it this year (never know).

But, i highly recommend that you take the time to figure out what your actually good at. Don't rush it!

Good luck

Penny Said:

what classes for a high school student would be good for a video game designing career?

We Answered:

Take a look at the following web site from Rochester Institute of Technology's Game Design and Development program. I'm linking the page with its undergraduate requirements, which sounds like what you're after, but you can also browse through its graduate offerings.…

One last note: I religiously read Game Informer magazine and recently, it discussed good majors for future game designers. One thing that popped up again and again was the need for storytelling and the suggestion that English courses (like creative writing) would be good options. Good luck! In another life, I would love to have followed this path...

Katrina Said:

college career guidance counselor?

We Answered:

You are confusing two different jobs, I think. There are people who do student advising, who help them pick the right classes and make sure they graduate on time. Then there are people who work in the Career Center, who help people take tests to figure out what they might be good at, along with signing them up for interviews and things.

As far as telling people what to major in, telling them what classes they need, and how to prepare academically for their careers, that is a job that should be left to the professors at most places. Most schools don't want people who are not familiar with the individual field trying to confuse their students, and it is the professors who are the specialists in each discipline.

Tanya Said:

High School Student interested in law?

We Answered:

yes, Ryan.. this is true. you can go sit in on some court proceedings. depending on the extent of a particular case, some proceedings may be closed off to the public, but most cases are accessible. the best way to find out, depending on the state you are in, is to go down to the local courthouses, and speak with a representative. Most of the major courthouses are located in your local downtown area, and the city and county courthouses are usually right there together. if you happen to live in your state's capitol, the state court and appeals court may also be in that area. i'm not sure what grade you are in, but check with some of your local law firms to see about interning with them over the summer. this is a good way of deciding which area of the legal field you may be more interested in, whether it be civil law or criminal law. and, definitely don't be afraid to contact the district attorney's office. let them know who you are, and ask them if they need a "runner" for the summer (they could be called something else in your area, but it's all the same). a "runner" is usually the person that may take court documents to various locations for filing, signatures, etc.

my personal experience is... i have a bachelor's degree in criminal justice, and a master's degree in administration of criminal justice/sociology. i am currently a middle school teahcer, but i am looking to either teach criminal justice classes on the high school level, or move back into the legal field. i found that interning with the city attorney's office while in college, helped me to decide that i was more interested in the criminal side of the legal system, than the civil side.

i hope the information i have given is useful, and good luck with your future endeavors.
L. Williams (Houston, TX)

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