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Career Information For High School Students

June Said:

I am a high school student looking for information about a possible investment banking career.?

We Answered:

If you want to give yourself the best shot, you want to attend the best schools that have I-banks regularly recruit there. This means the Ivy Leagues (you know them), particularly Wharton and Harvard, and the other schools that have top undergraduate programs. Since you are focused on your ACT score, I'll assume you are not from the east coast as they make a bigger deal on SAT here. Stanford, Cal - Berk (Haas), Duke, UT-Austin (McCombs), UNC Chapel Hill (Kenan-Flagler), Univ of Virginia (Mcintre/Darden) regularly have the top firms come by. Recruiting on your campus will the easiest way to get interviews. Those are just off the top of my head - there are plenty more schools. Just look up top undergrad business programs.

You develop your "connections" from your successful upperclassmen friends and all the legwork you'll put in while in undergrad. Focus less on finding a person who might be able to get you an investment banking job one day in the future and focus more on getting advice & helping others (develop relationships). Search for local boutique I-banks in your town and see if you can advice from the executive management - shoot emails or phone calls. No harm in doing so.

If you go to an Ivy League school, you could study whatever you wanted as long as you took some finance courses so you don't blow the interviews. Or you could be a finance or econ major (Stanford/Harvard don't have a 'finance' major) which would it somewhat easier perhaps. Most I-banks just want someone who is demonstrably smart and a "good fit". Know that working at an I-bank straight out of college is in most cases grueling, many 80+ hrs/weeks. Make sure you read "Monkey Business" as well.

Marion Said:

High school Student Deciding to go for Chartered Accountant, but need help on some information!!!?

We Answered:

As for what classes you need to take in high school, you definitely need English (ENG 4U), and at least two grade twelve university maths: Data Management (MDM 4U), Calculus and Vectors (MCV 4U) or Advanced Functions (MHF 4U). Your final grade average should be above 80% to get into a 'reputable' school.

To become a Chartered Accountant, you should major in a business/finance related field, ex. Bachelor's of Commerce, Bachelor's of Accounting, Bachelor's of Business Administration, etc. When you choose to major in one of these fields, the required courses will be selected for you, thus you don't have to worry about what courses to choose, except for your electives, which don't really matter. (There are 17 specified courses that are required by the Chartered Accountants of Ontario).

Universities teach you the basic foundations of business and finance, and also specifically about the field you wish to specialize in (in your case it is accounting). This is education that you will not get in high school. Without a solid university education, there is no way that you could become a Chartered Accountant... not because you don't have the teaching, but because they won't accept you if you don't have a degree.

After completing undergraduate studies at a post-secondary institution (usually 4 years), you need to start working (at a institute-approved training office), as you need 30 months of work experience. If your university offers co-op or internships, you will already have completed 8 to 16 months.

After you are completed the work period, you will want to take the core-knowledge exam (CKE). Doing well on this exam will help you get into the School of Accountancy (SOA), where you wil prepare to write the Uniform Evaluation (UFE).

Passing the UFE will NOT be easy. It is one of the most demanding professional examinations in the world.

Congrats, you are now a Chartered Accountant!

Kimberly Said:

Are there any optometrists who have suggestions for a high school student looking into that career?

We Answered:

talk to a community college counselor about pre reqs and school options. great idea!!

Jessie Said:

High school student considering a career in Anthropology/Archaeology?

We Answered:

I'm not an anthropologist but I majored in anthropology and I loved it! It's a useful major no matter what you decide to do... it's always helpful to be knowledgeable about culture, civilization and human beings in general. : )

Loretta Said:

Career help.. high school student needs help.?

We Answered:

Great site, has a career quiz and a great career directory

When you click ona career is tells you all about it, what highschool subjects to take, what univeristy classes to take, what the demand in the market for this job is right now, what you'll expect to be payed, great great site!

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