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Career Planning For High School Students

Floyd Said:

What are good, simple business plans for high-school students in DECA?

We Answered:

Go to…… or… for instructions on how to write a business plan and sample business plans.

Dianne Said:

question about whether or not i should go to my local career center during high school?

We Answered:

Not sure about athletic training but for PT I would recommend that you take as many science courses at HS as you can.

Javier Said:

Upon graduating from high school, it is important for students to think about their plans for the future?

We Answered:

No. They should do that before they even go to high school. There are so many specialized high schools out there and if they don't prep themselves to get into one of those, then that may affect their career choices.

Also, they can lay the groundwork for getting into a college by concentrating on getting good grades throughout their high school career. There are also some programs that allow students to go to college and obtain an associate's degree along with their high school diploma and that'll give them a headstart for any career they want to follow.

Jimmy Said:

Do you have any advice for a high school student who is planning to pursue a law career?

We Answered:

Xcellent grades will really help
You may want to contact your high 3 law school choices for their advice also as to courses to take, what they specifically look for, etc.
Get a summer job at a law firm
This gives you a try as to what working in one is really like
(Sometimes real life is a little different than what we think in advance)

Jose Said:

How is career planning situation in middle and high school in US?

We Answered:

Because our country basically turns education over to individual states there is not federal program for career planning in middle and high schools. Having said that there is a wonderful initiative called Making Middle Grades Work/High Schools That Work in which a key practice is Guidance.

In guidance teachers work with students during what is called Advisor/Advisee in which students do career research and other activities to help the student decide what a good choice for him/her as a vocation may be.

Once a student has an idea of what he/she may be interested, the school sets up a system called Acadamies. In acadamies there are courses of study and the suggested classes that a student should take. For example, if a student knows he or she is interested in the medical field, then they should take the classes suggested for those going into a medical field.

Many states, Ohio being one, have made this inititive a priority, therfore the state offers grant money to schools who implement the program.

As for parent involvement, under Advisor/Advisee, parents are to come to the school and talk with thier child's advisor, along with their child, and then the parent's signature is required for the student to register for classes.

Having been a part of HSTW in the past, I have knowledge of it, but you may get more information by visiting the following web site: However, let me just say that HSTW does not require that any school do all of the key practices, nor do they tell a school how to implement the key practices. Each school can taylor them to fit the school. Although, at workshops they give many examples of how other schools implement the different key practices.

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