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Career Tests For High School Students

Deanna Said:

High school test, what career would be best for you?

We Answered:

Unfortunately, most of the people in here answering questions didn't even exist in this world around the time you were in High School, including myself, so I don't think anyone has the answer to your question. You might have better luck asking it under the Higher Education and University though. I hope you can find the results from decades ago!

Edit- Again, I would ask under the "University and Higher Education" category. Trust me, they know more.

Kimberly Said:

Intelligence Community Opportunities for High School Students?

We Answered:

The jobs you describe aren't found in one role. They are separate roles. But each of those roles exist in various US gov't agencies. I'd suggest you take some time to explore the career sections of each of the agencies that interest you, as they go into great detail about the different career paths available. Check the CIA first, then the FBI, the State Department, and the DEA. The CIA's site does a great job of talking about possible career paths and what they involve.

Your military plan is a very good one. Be it the Marines or another branch, your military experience, plus a university degree, will play a significant factor in your ability to get a job in intelligence or for a defence contractor when you come out. Excellent plan.

Join ROTC while you study, and apply for the ROTC scholarship. This will allow the military to pay for your studies. You can also, of course, apply to the service academies.

For right now, work on getting/staying very fit, and keeping your nose extremely clean. Keep in mind that you needn't be sinless to enter this field, but you must be honest, when you apply, about anything that you have done. And do not do anything truly criminal.

I'm not familiar with any opportunities that these agencies have for high school students. But at this point in your career, if they offer something that a HS student is eligible for, apply. I'm less worried about it being an exact fit for your future career. I think it'd simply be great exposure, and good experience, no matter what direction you went in.

Yvonne Said:

High school student looking for career research resources?

We Answered:

The previous answers are both very sound. Psychometric tests are used by employers and aren't much help in deciding where your particular aptitude is best displayed. I didn't have an earthly clue what to do when I was in my final years in school nearly 30 years ago. It took me 25 years working in industry to decide I hated it. I now write and am much more fulfilled as I'm doing something that I enjoy. I'm also master of my own destiny. You sound like an intelligent person and well able to assimilate advice. You need to get out and talk to people either in real life or online to get their own views. Anywhere people congregate there will be no end of advice! I visit the career advice forums on because there are real-life stories and experience offered on myriad subjects and careers by people from all backgrounds. I find it a valuable resource for my own work. Best of luck.

Gertrude Said:

Career test for high school students?? help please?

We Answered:

COMPAS test. (military usually uses it in placement) it is very legit. it tells you good career options based on interests. most schools offer it for free. try talking to a guidance counselor or college counselor. also colleges offer tests like this usually.

Edward Said:

Feel miserable about high school career. Can you help me out?

We Answered:

Are you serious? Man, it seems like you have the brains to do whatever you want! You just need to find one thing that you really love that you can get involved with. That could possibly lead to a career opportunity. These scores definitely would get you into a good university and scholarships. But I do recommend taking some initiative and applying for a leadership position. That would be the thing that would take you from the middle of the list, to the top. Congrats on what you have achieved so far. The way you wrote the question makes it seem like you were a crappy student, which is not the case at all!

Amy Said:

What is your career? (Explain for high school students)?

We Answered:

I am a lunchlady at a high school.
Most high school students know what that is. But its not all about serving students. I am the cashier. We also have other jobs beside just serving or taking the students money. We have to clean, wash dishes and power soak the floors.
We also get our food in and we have to stock the freezer which is minus 10 degrees the boxes weight up to 50 lbs.
We also have to stock the lines and take temps of all the food.
We make our own ranch and then have to pour them in to little cups to sell for 50 cents.
Alot of new people come to work thinking how hard is it to serve kids. Well its more than just serving. Its hard work. Its a 8 hr job put into 4 hrs. Its really fast pace. So always respect the lunchladies (there the ones that prepare your food LOL)
I been working there going on 5 yrs and just love it very much. I have great students that has respect for me. I treat them the way they want to be treated. I am known as the nice lunchlady

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